Circular fashion: the misconceptions

5 misconceptions about "circular fashion

The term "circular mode" can be confusing.

Here are 5 misconceptions about a term that has become very popular and its contribution to reducing tens of millions of tons of waste generated each year by fashion.

1. Recycling plastics contributes to the protection of the environment.

The Truth While some brands have built their identity on the fact that their fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles or nylon, the reality is that the microplastics generated by these PET or recycled polyester-based materials can pollute the world's water supply.

In addition, to recycle these materials, high temperatures must be used, which releases gases into our atmosphere that are suspected to be carcinogenic.

2. Circular fashion is only for the wealthy

The Truth Anyone can buy or sell used items. By buying used items, you are helping to support small businesses that are in the business of selling used items, and most importantly, you can purchase high quality items at a reasonable price.

Cabas Chanel GST Shopping
Chanel GST Cuir Verni Noir - Occasion Excellent condition (Click on the image)

This way, you give the item a second chance and keep it in the cycle of sustainable consumption, which prevents it from ending up in the landfill. By not buying new bags or accessories, you also help save the resources that would have been used to make these new products.

3. Clothes made of natural materials are better for the environment

The Truth Unless the item is all-natural, i.e., not dyed or treated with chemicals, this statement is completely false.

Silk, cotton, wool and other natural materials are intensively washed with chemicals. They are then dyed and usually treated in a final rinse with chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

4. The circular fashion is ugly.

The Truth : It is possible to find many trendy and stylish items in second hand stores and on websites. Fashions and trends come and go over the years, and what comes back today will come back again in the future.

MC 3

That handbag you were hesitant to buy, women were wearing in the 90s! If it's not trendy today, give it a few years and chances are you'll see it become an it-bag on all social networks.

5. Consumers cannot influence change in the fashion industry.

The Truth : Yes! We can! By buying second-hand or slightly used bags and accessories, we can keep them in circulation for years, especially if they are luxury items whose quality is made to last. This means that fashion manufacturers will have to produce more and more beautiful and sustainable items.

Take good care of your luxury or premium items and they will last. And when you don't need them anymore, give them a new life by selling them on a serious website and contribute to the circular fashion.

Circular fashion according to IconPrincess

We resell the handbags and accessories you loved - that's why we call them "pre-loved" or "once-loved".

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 monogramme Neuf 2
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Monogram - Pre-owned Condition New (Click on the image)

We buy you iconic and timeless bag designs at a fair price.

We only take a small commission on consignment or deposit to help you sell your items in better conditions.

For certain models of bags, we even offer to buy them back from you within 180 days of your purchase on our site, without any compensation.

Thus, IconPrincess gives a second life to your luxury items instead of them cluttering up your closets and eventually deteriorating over time or even getting lost.

This is the real contribution to circular fashion.

For more information on the origin of the circular mode :

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very good condition, little worn, gold jewelry a little oxidized, especially on the letter Y on the name tag.


Monogrammed coated canvas in good condition Some stains and cracks on the vegetable leather which has taken on a nice caramel color, parts of the fittings and zipper pulls are tarnished and a little oxidized, Handles are worn but solid, see pictures; Part of the vegetable leather attributes redone by Vuitton. Invoice provided. Corners in perfect condition, Zips work perfectly, Clean interior, soft price for this large bag very practical for everyday or as a vanity case; Good holding of the bag.


Excellent condition A small oxidation at the base of a ring, difficult to see. Zip works perfectly.

1 090,00

Good condition, steel part having kept its beautiful aspect, leather in good condition, tiny scratches.


Very good condition. Corners in good condition. Clean inside.


The bag has been worn, good general condition, Various small white stains scattered around, 4 or 5, not very visible. Small cracks on handles.


Discolored corners but no wear.


Brand new condition.

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Very good condition, one thread pulled, Good silk and bright colors. Composition label missing. No Cartier box.


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