Origin of the Louis Vuitton brand

What are the origins of Louis Vuitton ? How is the brand born ?

Is it still mandatory to introduce this brand of franch luxury ? Not really. But dit you know that all started with a 16 year old boy, dreaming of making a name in Paris ?

Modest beginnings

In 1821, Louis Vuitton gave his first cry in a water mill near Anchay. No one in this small village of 148 inhabitants could have predicted such a glorious destiny for the little boy...

The son of a carpenter, the young Louis Vuitton learned very quickly to use his hands. Manual work did not scare him and it was always with pleasure that he discovered new materials.

Although he enjoyed the company of his family, young Louis was already dreaming bigger... At 14, he packed his belongings and decided to try his luck in Paris. Penniless, it took him two years and a host of odd jobs to travel the 400 km to the French capital. These steps taken one after the other will mark the beginning of a legendary story...

From apprentice trunk maker to luxury designer

In 1836, Louis Vuitton fulfilled his dream: he lived in Paris, right under the feet of the Eiffel Tower. Shortly after his arrival in the city, he was apprenticed to a layetier-emballeur-malletier. It was there that he made a decision that would change the course of his life: he would become the best trunk-maker the world has ever seen.

Motivated, the teenager stops at nothing to perfect his art and build a network of loyal customers. In 1852, his know-how was recognized by high society and public figures such as the Empress Eugenie and the explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza trusted him blindly.

In 1854, the Louis Vuitton brand was officially born. Located on the Place Vendôme, the designer's boutique quickly prospered despite a few setbacks. What problems were they? That's another story...