Genuine "Once-loved" Used Louis Vuitton Bags

The Louis Vuitton brand symbolizes luxury par excellence. The prestigious brand has based its immense success on the theme of travel by offering timeless bags, luggage and accessories, as practical as elegant. But beware, from 30% to 40% of the items sold on the websites are counterfeit. Know how to recognize the real from the fake by click here.

All our vintage or used Louis Vuitton bags are guaranteed authentic

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A word from IconPrincess...

Louis Vuitton is such a well known brand in the fashion world that it is very counterfeited. This is why we are vigilant with our sellers. We first check all the items on our site on photos before putting them on sale. Then when you buy a bag, we offer you the authentication. The hunt for fakes is one of our main concerns: we take multiple precautions for this detailed here.

Brief history of the brand

Founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton, this brand is now a great reference in the world of luxury. Little more: it is a French brand! And yes, this brand has largely contributed to the international image of our beautiful country. In a 2010 study, Louis Vuitton is cited in the top 20 brands with the most value.

A huge success partly due to its very simple logo in LV, present on almost all its products. Indeed, we do not buy a Louis Vuitton bag only for its design or its quality. Over time, the brand has become a symbol of ease and luxury. Wearing a bag marked "LV" is an undeniable mark of material and social success.

Some tips for choosing your bag

To choose the right bag for you, consider a few criteria.

First, your budget. Not everyone can afford a full price bag at 3000€. That said, many can afford a small second hand bag with the famous LV. Choose a bag that fits your budget, and that you like.

Then, the intended use. When do you plan to wear your bag? If you only plan to use it for a party, for example, a small clutch will do the trick. As an office bag, on the other hand, you'll have to opt for a slightly larger handbag.

Finally, the design. There's no point in having a nice branded bag if you don't like the design! If you don't like any bag in your budget, come back regularly to the site: new bags are regularly put on sale.