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That's it, you've decided to take the plunge. This bag, so desired, which will cost you the eyes of the head, even more, you decided to buy it. You've read a lot of things: Especially on the French women's favourite bags. The self-respecting women, the truly elegant ones, in whom the devil, well, class, hides in the details.

Well, among these women, there are two that stand out, the Vuitton Speedy and the Chanel Timeless. But there are still a few doubts, and between these two sacred monsters, your heart swings. So, what do you say?

A Vuitton Speedy or a Chanel Timeless or a pre-owned 2.55?

Are you going to lean towards the crispy Speedy from Vuitton, or will you prefer one of these two timeless Chanel's greats, the inimitable 2.55 or Timeless? "That is the question! ».

And the answer is not so easy. So let's try to figure it out.

What you have to decide revolves around several points and requires method, because the case is serious; eh yes, Madame. So let's get to work!

The 5 criteria to consider before buying a luxury bag

1. The budget :

Depending on the means provided, the choice will not be the same. Set yourself a price range. Let's say it from the outset, to optimize the thing, you must turn to a serious site that practices second-hand sales..

You'll find pre-loved bags that are real treasures, whose saving price will allow you to go on a "reasonable fool's errand" without making your banker angry.

At IconPrincess, you'll easily find that dream leather goods accessory, at prices you can afford.

Chanel Timeless bag in black leather Authenticated

Marie with a Chanel 2.55 in night blue leather.

(click on the picture to see the Timeless)

If you expect more or less 500 euros, opt for the Speedy Vuitton; the choice is wide, Speedy 25, 30, 35 or even 40 (cm length), monogrammed or checkered, azure or or ebony, many compositions are possible.

A budget above that, from double to triple, will allow you to choose the Limited Series, in the style of Speedy Stephen Sprouse or or Sophia Coppola, which remain a sure value.

This same budget, tenfold, will allow you to access, if you prefer, the Grail, the second hand Chanel Timeless Bag second hand, or 2.55, or 2.55, depending on your preferences: leather interlaced or not, CC or Mademoiselle clasp..

2. The use:

A Vuitton Speedy monogrammed bag is not used like a Chanel Timeless bag.

The Speedy will serve you every day to go to the office. Its use will be that of a tote bag, handbag and briefcase at the same time (without loading it too much). It is also very practical when you have children, provided you bet on the Speedy 30, or even 40.

The Chanel Timeless bag will remain a city bag, with a limited capacity. You'll also have a briefcase to go to work with it.

If you opt for the small Speedy 25, or the nano Speedy, it will be the same approach. There are some very nice vintage briefcases, like the satchel Vuitton Beverly. But remember not to match more than two such pieces. Too many logos kill the logo and it's a sure sign of bad taste! (except when travelling, but that's not the point...)

3. The desired look:

The Speedy Vuitton will definitely give you the casual look of a woman always on the move, as it was designed as a mini clone of the Vuitton Keepall travel bag.

Louis Vuitton Speedy checkerboard bag azure

Marie with a Vuitton Speedy 35 checkered azure.

(click on the picture to see the Timeless)

This is how he seduced Audrey Hepburn in his time, an icon of an avant-garde and distinguished youth, who spent her weekends in Cannes or Etretat. He smells like the train from faraway lands and the convertible car...

The Chanel Timeless bag may seem more classic and glamorous, but that's not to mention the fact that it can be seen on the arms of the most eccentric celebrities, whose outfits are sometimes very offbeat. But not being Lady Gaga or Madonna, we advise you not to tag it yourself...

On the other hand, the Timeless has lost its image as a "memorialized" bag, so you can easily shake up the codes and wear it in the summer with your beloved old denim shorts and your Spartans, without making any fashion faux pas: Look and trendy look guaranteed! !

4. Caring for the bag :

These two bags, so different, are almost indestructible if you take care of them. The very design of the Speedy makes it not very fragile. Just remember: The Speedy was originally designed as a travel bag. Its coated canvas is very resistant.

At Chanel, the leather, although so sumptuous, is surprisingly strong. You only have to look at the corners of a Chanel bag to be convinced. We refer you to the advice of IconPrincessFor more information, go to the Lifestyle section (article "How to take care of your luxury bag").

5. Resale :

Everything depends on your loyalty, when it comes to bags. It is rare that you don't keep a beautiful piece, a luxury bag like the Chanel 2.55 bag , or the adorable Vuitton Speedy bag that becomes an everyday companion.

But you may want to recover part of the investment to acquire another beautiful piece, the Chanel Boy bag, for example, which is a great success.

Until the end, the good idea of having invested in a superb preloved luxury bag will accompany you : You will always be able to resell it on a serious site and thus get part of it to buy another beautiful piece of luxury for your greatest pleasure.

What's new on IconPrincess

very good condition, little worn, gold jewelry a little oxidized, especially on the letter Y on the name tag.


Monogrammed coated canvas in good condition Some stains and cracks on the vegetable leather which has taken on a nice caramel color, parts of the fittings and zipper pulls are tarnished and a little oxidized, Handles are worn but solid, see pictures; Part of the vegetable leather attributes redone by Vuitton. Invoice provided. Corners in perfect condition, Zips work perfectly, Clean interior, soft price for this large bag very practical for everyday or as a vanity case; Good holding of the bag.


Excellent condition A small oxidation at the base of a ring, difficult to see. Zip works perfectly.

1 090,00

Good condition, steel part having kept its beautiful aspect, leather in good condition, tiny scratches.


Very good condition. Corners in good condition. Clean inside.


The bag has been worn, good general condition, Various small white stains scattered around, 4 or 5, not very visible. Small cracks on handles.


Discolored corners but no wear.


Brand new condition.

1 800,00

Very good condition, one thread pulled, Good silk and bright colors. Composition label missing. No Cartier box.


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