Conditions générales de vente


This website www. is the property of the company ICONPRINCESS with variable capital, a simplified joint stock company with a maximum share capital of 500,000 euros,

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Any person registered on the site managed by IconPrincess SAS (hereinafter "IconPrincess"), accessible at https://www. (hereinafter "The Site") accepts these general conditions of sale by becoming a member of IconPrincess. The general terms and conditions of sale may be subject to change and will be indicated on the Site.

As the Site is hosted by an external service provider, IconPrincess cannot be held responsible for any interruption of the site's service, or for any technical problem or damage due to hacking of the site by malicious persons.


Le Site met en relation des Vendeurs souhaitant vendre des sacs et accessoires de luxe, neufs et d'occasion (ci-après les Articles) avec des Acheteurs. Les Vendeurs et les Acheteurs pourront être définis ci-après par le terme « Utilisateur(s) ».

Le Site agit comme Tiers de confiance entre l'Acheteur et le Vendeur. Lorsqu'un utilisateur achète un produit, son règlement est conservé par IconPrincess jusqu'à ce que l'Acheteur ait confirmé qu'il a reçu l'article, qu'il en est satisfait et que l’authentification de l’article a été validée pour les articles à partir de €500. La somme correspondant au prix de l’article vendu moins la commission de 15% due à IconPrincess moins éventuellement le coût de l’authentification de 19€ est ensuite versée au vendeur.

Le Site joue seulement un rôle d'intermédiaire et ne saurait être tenu responsable des litiges déclarés en dehors du délai de 48h suivant la réception de l'Article par l'Acheteur. Hors ce délai, les litiges ne lient que l'Acheteur et le Vendeur.

Les présentes Conditions Générales ont pour objet de définir les conditions d'utilisation du Site par les Utilisateurs.

Article 1 - Opening an account on the Site

The User wishing to become a member of IconPrincess must be 18 years of age or older, and must complete the online registration form. It is committed to providing complete and accurate information.

Its uername must not infringe an intellectual property right, a registered trademark or a corporate name.

The username and password are strictly personal and must under no circumstances be communicated to third parties. He will bear the consequences of using his account without his knowledge. In addition, the user undertakes not to create additional accounts without the express permission of IconPrincess.

IconPrincess undertakes not to infringe the privacy of users of the Site and will ensure the confidentiality of the information provided.

The User agrees that IconPrincess may keep his information and the history of his activity on the Site. He will also accept that IconPrincess communicate on the items he has put on sale or purchased on the Site.

Article 2 - Rules of good conduct

L'Utilisateur s'engage à ne pas indiquer ses coordonnées (téléphone, adresse, email...) dans ses annonces, ni dans les questions et réponses y afférant, ni dans le nom ou la description de son Catalogue.

IconPrincess pourra le cas échant supprimer ces informations sans en avoir fait la demande préalable auprès de l'Utilisateur. L’utilisateur s’engage à ne pas entrer directement en contact avec les autres.

The User undertakes not to use on the Site, in particular through comments, words that are contrary to morality, offensive, defamatory or may damage the reputation of other Users. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, IconPrincess reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the User's account without prior notice.

The User is prohibited from publishing photographs whose content is inappropriate (nudity, violence, etc.). IconPrincess reserves the right to delete any content it deems inappropriate and also to delete Users' accounts in cases that violate the above points.

Article 3 - Article offered for sale on the Site

IconPrincess reviews all items available for sale on its website.

The Seller may only post an item on the site for sale if it is immediately available and he has full ownership. To do this, he must create an account if he does not already have one (see article 1).

3.1 Creating the ad

The Seller undertakes to create only one ad per item put up for sale. IconPrincess reserves the right to delete multiple ads for a single item.

A minimum of 8 (eight) photographs are required so that IconPrincess can appraise the item as soon as possible and under the following conditions: front, back, bottom and/or corners, raised handles, lowered handles, view over the inside of the bag, brand logo, and serial number, as well as any other photo that the seller considers useful and showing the condition of the item. Photos must be of good quality, unblurred and unretouched.

The description of the item offered for sale must have precise and truthful characteristics and must not mislead buyers.

It is strongly recommended by IconPrincess to put the Certificate of Conformity of the article in the advertisement (to obtain one see article 3.2).

Excessive prices will not be accepted by IconPrincess. This also applies to prices that are excessively below the market price in order to discourage the marketing of counterfeits.

The Seller may indicate the new price or shop price. This price is provided for information purposes only and is not verified by IconPrincess.

The product sheet with description, photos and price proposal is submitted to IconPrincess for initial review as soon as possible. IconPrincess may require any additional proof of compliance.

IconPrincess reserves the right to modify the ad, in particular if it contains errors of category, brand, description or other, or even to delete it if it contains the seller's contact details.

The article will only be published on the Site if it has been deemed compliant. In case of doubt about the conformity of an item, IconPrincess will refuse its sale on its website.

Nous incitons nos membres à informer IconPrincess s’ils venaient à constater qu’un produit n'est pas conforme, par Email à

The seller is solely responsible for the sale of an unauthorized product.

Counterfeiting is punishable by three years' imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros.

IconPrincess reserves the right to refuse a Seller's product sheet before it is posted on the Site if IconPrincess believes that the product does not correspond to the spirit of the Site.

IconPrincess perçoit un taux de commission fixe de 15% du montant TTC du prix de vente en euros, sans minimum ni maximum. IconPrincess se réserve le droit de modifier son taux de commission et ses conditions à tout moment.

The seller must regularly consult the Site after the sale of his item. He can at any time add comments or photos concerning the item for sale and in compliance with the rules of good conduct.

The seller must immediately notify IconPrincess if an item it has put on sale on the Site is no longer available and remove it from the Site.

The Seller may contact IconPrincess at any time by phone at +33 6 87 80 31 83 or by email at

3.2 Certificate of Conformity

IconPrincess strongly recommends that Sellers have their item authenticated for sale on the Site if it has not already been done.

Authenticated items are much more likely to be sold quickly.

In addition to human expertise based on experience, IconPrincess uses technologies based on microscopy and artificial intelligence software linked to a product database of the main luxury designers.

To obtain a certificate of authenticity, Sellers simply request it from IconPrincess by email at

Additional photos of the article may be requested in order to allow the expertise of the article. This expertise may take up to 5 working days, or even longer depending on the case.

The Seller shall pay the authentication fees directly to IconPrincess, by PayPal or credit card via the secure Stripe portal.

In the event that the item put up for sale costs €500 or more, and when the sale is finalized, the authentication fees paid to IconPrincess will be refunded to the Seller by the payment method it used for the authentication request.

If the item is in conformity, a Certificate of Conformity will be mailed to the Seller. Otherwise, IconPrincess will not publish the advertisement on the Site and will not refund the Seller for its authentication fees.

In cases where the item already has its certificate of authenticity (IconPrincess reserves the right to judge the validity of the certificate, depending on its source and quality), it is understood that IconPrincess will not refund certificates obtained otherwise than through IconPrincess either.

Article 4 - Purchase of an item on the Site

4.1 Payment methods and content

When a Buyer selects an item he wants to purchase, he must validate his order by making payment by secure electronic payment directly on the IconPrincess website.

The Purchaser can pay either by PayPal or by credit card via the secure Stripe portal. All phases of electronic payment are secured by data encryption to avoid any interception of information by a third party.

Pour bénéficier du paiement par PayPal, l'Acheteur doit disposer d'un compte PayPal. Il est alors soumis aux conditions générales d'utilisation de PayPal.

En choisissant le paiement par PayPal, l'Acheteur est automatiquement dirigé sur son compte PayPal.

IconPrincess peut demander à l'Acheteur des justificatifs d'identité (copie de la carte d'identité et/ou justificatif de domicile). Dans l'attente de la réception de ces documents, IconPrincess se réserve le droit de suspendre une commande.

IconPrincess cannot be held responsible in the event of fraudulent use of the payment methods used.

En aucun cas, IconPrincess ne stocke ou n'a accès aux coordonnées bancaires des Acheteurs.

The amount paid by the Buyer includes the price of the item plus any shipping costs if the shipping address is outside metropolitan France or Europe.

The shipping rates are those of Colissimo and can be consulted on their website.

Any order placed on the Site and delivered outside metropolitan France and Europe may be subject to customs duties which the buyer must pay upon receipt of the package. Similarly, if the Seller has shipped an Item from a country outside the European Union to France, customs duties may apply and are the responsibility of the Buyer.

For buyers in the French Overseas Departments, there is a specific tax called dock dues that they must pay upon receipt of the package.

4.2 Confirmation of the order

As soon as the buyer has validated his purchase, IconPrincess notifies the Seller by email and asks him to confirm the availability of the item.

The Seller then has 48 hours to confirm the availability of his item to IconPrincess by return email.

In the event that the item is no longer available or if no confirmation of availability has been provided within 48 hours, the sale is cancelled, and the Buyer is immediately and fully refunded by the same means of payment he used to order. However, PayPal as well as Stripe may take a few days to make the money transfer.

If the item is available, the Seller receives the Buyer's destination address sent by IconPrincess and must ship the order properly packaged within two business days. The Seller undertakes not to insert any advertising for itself or anyone else in any form whatsoever.

4.3 Method and delivery time of the item

Delivery is made by La Poste, by "Colissimo Suivi". When the order is shipped, the Seller must imperatively communicate the Colissimo tracking number to IconPrincess by email to who will communicate it to the Buyer.

As an indication, the delivery times communicated by La Poste are 2 to 3 working days for France, Andorra and Monaco. For foreign countries it is 4 to 8 working days.

Si l'acheteur est absent lors de la livraison, un avis de passage est déposé dans sa boîte aux lettres et le colis l'attendra à son bureau de poste.

Ni la société IconPrincess, ni le transporteur ne peuvent être tenus pour responsables d’une impossibilité de livraison en raison d’une imprécision dans l’adresse d'expédition.

In the event of force majeure, preventing partial or total delivery, this period shall be extended by the proven duration of the force majeure. In particular, strikes, road, rail or air network blockages, whatever the cause, and any event or event clearly beyond the control of IconPrincess, are considered as cases of force majeure.

L'acheteur est tenu de vérifier, en présence du préposé de la poste ou du livreur, l'état de l'emballage de la marchandise et son contenu à la livraison. Dans l'hypothèse où l'acheteur aurait un quelconque doute de quelque nature que ce soit sur l'état ou le contenu de son colis, il devra vérifier l'état de la marchandise reçue et émettre des réserves précises, datées et signées. En l'absence de réserves, un colis est réputé accepté par l'acheteur et ne pourra plus faire l'objet de contestations.

If the package is lost by the carrier, it is the Seller's responsibility to file a claim with the carrier. In the event that the package is indicated as "delivered" and the Purchaser has not received it, it is the Purchaser's responsibility to open a complaint with the postal services.

The Buyer is required to confirm receipt of the item within 48 hours. Failing this, IconPrincess will consider that the Purchaser has received the item and is satisfied with it. IconPrincess will then proceed to finalize the sale and pay the Seller the amounts due.

Article 5 - Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee

In the context of a sale between two private individuals in France, the provisions of the Consumer Code do not apply. Thus, in principle, you do not have the withdrawal period of 14 clear days from the receipt of the article (Law 2014-344 known as the Hamon Law).

But IconPrincess has implemented a Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee if the Purchaser is not satisfied with the item ordered or if he has changed his mind about his purchase on the Site.

Within 48 hours of receipt of the Item (including weekends and holidays excluding the delivery day), the Purchaser must confirm receipt and indicate whether he is satisfied or dissatisfied with it by email to The order number must be mentioned in the email.

In the event that the Purchaser indicates that he is not satisfied with his purchase, the authentication procedure of the item will be cancelled, if there is one in progress.

If the Purchaser does not confirm within the specified time limit, IconPrincess will consider that the Purchaser has received the item and is satisfied with it. IconPrincess will then finalize the sale and pay the Seller the amounts due.

If the Purchaser indicates that he is satisfied with the Item before the expiry of the 48-hour period, he will no longer be able to benefit from the Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee even if the 48-hour period has not expired.

When the Purchaser declares himself dissatisfied, he must indicate the reason(s) for his dissatisfaction.

Return of the item to the Seller:

When the Buyer has reported his dissatisfaction within the deadline, he has an additional 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays) to return the item to the Seller, by Colissimo with the tracking number that must be communicated to the Seller and IconPrincess by email to

If the Purchaser makes a return for the reason "Defective/Damaged Item" or "Incorrectly Received Item", the Purchaser is invited to take pictures of the Item as well as damaged parts.

If the Item is returned because of its condition or incorrect description, the Purchaser is requested to take photographs, making it possible to see the condition of the Item received in relation to the condition declared on the Announcement by the Seller.

If it is found that the reasons for dissatisfaction described in the previous paragraphs are well founded, the shipping costs will be borne by the Seller and will be refunded to the Buyer with the price of his order.

If the reason for dissatisfaction is simply a change of opinion or a reversal of purchase, the shipping costs will be borne by the Purchaser.

The item must be carefully packaged and the return of the item is the responsibility of the Purchaser.

The Seller has 48 hours to confirm receipt of his item.

If after a period of 7 days following receipt of the item, the Seller has not responded, the Buyer will be fully refunded by the payment method he used to order.

If the Seller declares that he has received an empty or damaged package, he must refuse the package upon receipt and send photos of the empty or damaged package to

In the absence of an amicable solution between the Users, the aggrieved party is invited to take the necessary legal action against the other party.

The Seller agrees that, if the item does not conform to its description on the Site, or is defective/damaged, or is not the correct item ordered, IconPrincess will not refund the shipping costs incurred.

Article 6 - Compliance Guarantee

IconPrincess offers authentication by the means and technologies of its choice on all items sold for €500 or more.

It is understood that this offer is only valid if the item in question does not already have a Certificate of Conformity provided by the Seller and validated by IconPrincess.

6.1 Procedure for obtaining the Certificate of Conformity

  1. 1. When an item is ordered on the IconPrincess Site, the Seller must, within 48 hours, complete the photos of his item, if necessary, because a minimum of 8 (eight) photographs are required for IconPrincess to be able to have the item appraised: from the front, back, bottom and/or corners, raised handle and lowered handle escutcheons, inside the diving view bag, the brand logo, and the serial number if there is one. For another type of accessory that would be appraised, the required photos are those of the details of the brand's know-how and any photo useful for identifying the product. Photos must be of good quality, unblurred and unretouched.
  2. The time required for the expertise is generally 4 to 5 working days, or even longer depending on the case. It is possible that additional photos may be requested from the Seller.
  3. At the end of this appraisal period, if the item is in conformity, a Certificate of Conformity will be sent to the Purchaser by post.

6.2 Obtaining a Compliance Guarantee for items under €500

For items with a selling price of less than €500, the Buyer has the option to purchase compliance expertise from IconPrincess, if the Seller has not already done so. A link will be sent to him by email and it will be enough for the Purchaser to click on the link if he wishes it, to follow the indications in the email and to order the expertise.

The procedure for obtaining the certificate of conformity is as follows:

  1. Upon receipt of the item ordered on the Site, and if the Purchaser is satisfied with it, he must take photos of his item within 48 hours. A minimum of 8 (eight) photographs are required for IconPrincess to be able to have the item appraised: front, back, bottom and/or corners, raised handles, lowered handles, lowered handles, inside the bag in plunging view, the brand logo, and the serial number if there is one. For another type of accessory that would be appraised, the required photos are those of the details of the brand's know-how and any photo useful for identifying the product. Photos must be of good quality, unblurred and unretouched.
  2. The photos must then be sent to IconPrincess at who will have the requested expertise performed.
  3. The time required for the expertise is generally 4 to 5 working days, or even longer depending on the case.
  4. At the end of this appraisal period, if the item is in conformity, a Certificate of Conformity will be sent to the Purchaser by post.

6.3 Authentication prices :

Le prix de l’authentification est de €20 pour un délai de réponse de 24h à 72h selon la marque et le modèle.

6.4 Procedure in the event of non-compliance of an article

If the item received by the Buyer is declared non-compliant, the latter must return the item to the Seller in its original packaging, by Colissimo with the tracking number that must be provided to the Seller. The tracking number and order number should also be sent to IconPrincess by email to

The Buyer will be immediately refunded the price of the item as well as the shipping costs by the payment method he used to order on the Site, PayPal and Stripe may request a few days to transfer the money to the Buyer's account.

If the Purchaser has ordered from IconPrincess an authentication of his item of less than €500, the amount of his order will also be refunded.

IconPrincess will turn against the Seller for a refund of the shipping costs that IconPrincess paid to the Buyer as well as the authentication fees.

Article 7 - Obligations of professional sellers

The Professional Seller must identify himself to IconPrincess in this capacity.

Le Vendeur professionnel devra faire parvenir un extrait K-bis, par mail à ou par courrier à l'adresse suivante : IconPrincess, Vieux Bourg, 69620 Ternand.

In the event of refusal or silence, IconPrincess may terminate the Seller's account within 30 days.

7.1 Retraction period for purchases from professional sellers

The Purchaser has, according to the French law n°2014-344 of 17 March 2014 known as the Hamon law applicable to professional Sellers, a period of 14 clear days from the effective delivery of the Article to retract and an additional period of 14 days to return the Article to the professional Seller.

In order to be able to validly exercise his right of retraction, the Purchaser must inform IconPrincess within 14 days by declaring his dissatisfaction by email to

The costs incurred for the return of the Item are the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.

In the event of loss, damage or non-delivery of the package to the professional Seller during the return journey, the Buyer shall be liable, as soon as he has taken possession of the Article at the time of the initial delivery.

As from the notification of good receipt by the Seller, the Site will refund the Transaction Price within 14 days. Refund may be deferred until notification of receipt of the Item by the Seller or until proof of shipment of the Item is provided by the Buyer, whichever is earlier.

Le remboursement se fera par recrédit sur la carte bancaire de l'Acheteur, ou sur son compte PayPal, selon le moyen utilisé lors de la commande.

7.2 Legal Warranty of Compliance

The Purchaser may activate the legal guarantee of conformity when the product he has purchased from a professional on the Site presents a lack of conformity (for example, if it does not comply with the description made of it).

The Buyer may exercise this legal warranty if he resides in the territory of the European Union and only if the Seller is a professional; if the Seller is a private individual, the Buyer will not be able to avail himself of this warranty.

When this warranty is implemented, the Buyer may require the Seller to repair the product or replace it with an identical good that does not show any lack of conformity. Failing this, a reduction or total refund of the price may be granted to the Purchaser if the repair or replacement of the Item is impossible, impracticable within a reasonable time or if its implementation causes a major inconvenience to the Purchaser.

The legal guarantee of conformity is valid for two years from the date of delivery of the product to the Purchaser. It is recommended that the Purchaser keep the proof of purchase for the duration of the warranty in order to make it easier to operate.

7.3 Warranty against hidden defects

The Purchaser may activate the guarantee against hidden defects if the Article he has purchased on the Site contains defects that are not apparent at the time of sale, which make it unfit for use or which reduce this use to such an extent that the Purchaser would not have made this purchase. It only benefits Buyers residing in France.

The aggrieved Purchaser may either obtain a full refund of the sale price and any additional costs incurred (such as delivery costs) against return of the Item, or keep the Item in exchange for a simple reduction in the price.

The Purchaser may take action against it within two years of the delivery date and it shall be his responsibility to prove that the defect existed at the time of such delivery.

Article 8 - Seller's payment

In the event that the sale has proceeded normally, i.e. the buyer is satisfied with his purchase and the item is in conformity, IconPrincess will pay the Seller either by PayPal or by Stripe according to the Seller's wishes.

IconPrincess will pay the Seller the following amount:

Price of the item sold (-) IconPrincess commission of 15% including VAT (+) refund of Authentication fees (only if the Seller ordered it from IconPrincess and if the price of the item is 500 Euros or more).

Article 9 - Data protection

Les informations demandées par IconPrincess lors de toute commande de l'acheteur sont nécessaires pour la gestion de sa commande par IconPrincess. Conformément à la loi "Informatique et Libertés" n° 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978, L'acheteur dispose d'un droit d'accès, de modification, d'opposition et de suppression des informations le concernant dans les conditions prévues par la loi et les réglementations en vigueur.

L'acheteur peut être informé des offres de IconPrincess. Si l'acheteur souhaite ne plus recevoir ces propositions, il peut en informer IconPrincess par e-mail à l'adresse suivante :

IconPrincess s'engage à ne pas céder ni louer son fichier client.

Article 10 - Responsibilities

IconPrincess ne peut être tenue pour responsable ni du contenu des Annonces, ni des actions (ou absence d'action) des Utilisateurs, ni des Articles mis en vente.

IconPrincess cannot be held responsible for the defamatory, abusive or contrary to morality nature of the comments posted online by a User.

En cas de litige, IconPrincess se réserve le droit de communiquer à l'Acheteur et au Vendeur leur adresse email respective.

IconPrincess ne transfère pas la propriété légale des objets du Vendeur à l'Acheteur. Les accords de vente/achat sont conclus directement entre l'Acheteur et le Vendeur.

IconPrincess se réserve le droit de suspendre, sans préavis ni indemnité et sans engager sa responsabilité, l'accès au Site, temporairement ou définitivement. Il ne garantit pas que le Site sera accessible sans interruption. Il pourra interrompre l'accès au Site pour des raisons notamment de maintenance et en cas d'urgence. Il n'est tenu qu'à une obligation de moyen concernant la continuité de l'accès au Site. En conséquence, IconPrincess exclue toute garantie, condition ou autres dispositions, et ne peut être tenue pour responsable de la perte d'argent, ou de réputation, ni des dommages spéciaux, indirects ou induits résultant de ou liés à l'utilisation du Site.

IconPrincess n'est pas responsable de l'utilisation frauduleuse par un tiers et des conséquences éventuelles de l'identifiant et/ou du mot de passe de l'Utilisateur.

En cas de force majeure, de grève, ou en cas de panne, de blocage ou de difficulté concernant le matériel informatique de IconPrincess, les logiciels informatiques utilisés par IconPrincess ou le réseau Internet, et en cas de suspension de l'accès au Site, les obligations des parties au présent contrat sont suspendues.

Le contrat créé lors de l'acceptation de l'Offre d'Achat de l'Acheteur par le Vendeur lie uniquement le Vendeur et l'Acheteur. IconPrincess, jouant seulement un rôle d'intermédiaire, ne saurait être tenue responsable des litiges déclarés en dehors du délai de 48h suivant la réception de l'Article par l'Acheteur.

En cas de vice caché, correspondant à la définition donnée à l'article 1641 du Code Civil, et découvert en dehors du délai de 48h suivant la réception de l'Article imparti à l'Acheteur pour exercer sa Garantie Satisfait ou Remboursé, tout litige pouvant en résulter ne liera que l'Acheteur et le Vendeur à l'exclusion d’IconPrincess.

In the event of a dispute between the Buyer and the Seller, the content of the Advertisement will be taken into account and in particular, photos and description.

IconPrincess ne pourra être tenu pour responsable de l'issue du litige entre les Utilisateurs.

Article 11 - Acceptance of Users

En s'inscrivant sur le Site, l'Utilisateur reconnaît avoir pris connaissance, compris et accepté sans réserve l'intégralité des présentes Conditions Générales qui régissent avec force obligatoire l'ensemble des relations entre IconPrincess, les Vendeurs et les Acheteurs. Cette acceptation prend effet à compter de la date d'inscription de l'Utilisateur sur le site et vaut pour chaque opération, Annonce, Offre d'Achat et vente. Les présentes Conditions Générales prévalent sur tout document contractuel ou non contractuel propre au Vendeur ou propre à l'Acheteur.

IconPrincess a la faculté de modifier les présentes Conditions Générales en fonction de l'évolution de son offre et du marché. L'Utilisateur s'engage donc à consulter régulièrement les Conditions Générales du Site pour prendre connaissance des modifications y ayant été apportées. Dans l’hypothèse où l’Utilisateur n’accepterait pas celles-ci, il pourra supprimer son compte.

Changes will take effect immediately for online offers as soon as they are notified to Users by any means chosen by IconPrincess.

Le présent contrat est conclu entre IconPrincess et l'Utilisateur pour une durée indéterminée. Il est résiliable par simple notification à tout moment et sans motif particulier, par l'une ou l'autre des parties en présence.

Le Site, son contenu, son catalogue, ses textes, ses illustrations, ses photographies et images sont la propriété d’IconPrincess. Il est interdit de reproduire, représenter et/ou exploiter tout ou partie du Site, de son contenu, de son catalogue, de ses textes, de ses illustrations, de ses photographies et images sans autorisation préalable d’IconPrincess, à l'exception des cas limitativement énumérés par l'article L122-5 du Code de la propriété intellectuelle.

For any information or questions, IconPrincess can be reached by email at

Le présent contrat est soumis à la loi française. Tout litige avec un Utilisateur agissant à titre professionnel et né à l'occasion de son interprétation et/ou de son exécution est de la compétence du Tribunal de commerce de Villefranche-Sur-Saône.