Comment acheter un vuitton d'occasion

Buy a Louis Vuitton bag for less; what are the real options?

Buy a Louis Vuitton bag for less. Looking for a Louis Vuitton bag on a budget? If you don't have Kim Kardashian's shopping budget yet, the most effective way to stay within your budget is to scour second hand or preloved accessory websites for bargains. Sometimes you come across other types of offers that look very attractive. However, let's not lose sight of the reality... and it is therefore interesting to deconstruct what can be presented to us and to discard some preconceived ideas.

There is never from clearance sale at Vuitton:

In order to renew their stock or because they are going out of business, it is not uncommon to see "certain brands" carry out destocking operations. For several days, these companies get rid of some or all of their items at low prices. Ranging from 30 to 80 %, the discounts offered make it possible to acquire a beautiful authentic bag without breaking the bank; attractive, isn't it? But NEVER AT LOUIS VUITTON!

At best, you will have access, because you know someone who works there, or because you are one of the very good privileged customers, to a confidential sale taking place in a secret place. You will be invited the day before or the day before, it can be in a disused factory or a rehabilitated loft, far away from dedicated places; security guards will closely watch the place and control the entrances. You will not take pictures, we will see to it: one watchword: VUITTON never sells out, VUITTON does not destock. Only drawback and it is a big one: VUITTON items, but never bags! At best, you will find during these very very private operations, a swimsuit at less than 50% ... and the models offered in destocking are among the least emblematic of the brand. If you are looking for a classic leather goods or an it-bag, this option will not give you any satisfaction.

No serious site will offer you authentic items with all choices of colors and sizes

Another option that could be attractive:

Are these sites, which look very professional, offering you several models with big discounts? Are they sites that buy so much in bulk from VUITTON, that they can charge prices that defy anything else? The answer is: NO, under no circumstances! VUITTON has no authorized reseller, other than its own brands, to whom it would entrust lots for sale. These sites, of course, offer items that are fakes and break the law. One of the strategies of the luxury industry is to make sure that the products are missing rather than in excess. You will find at VUITTON rather products out of stock, than the opposite...

The best way to get the bag you want is to use the "second hand".

Buy a luxury bag on a serious site that sells preloved luxury items

When it comes to finding a Louis Vuitton bag at a low price, second hand sales are the best channel that should come to mind. Today, it is possible to find second hand luxury bags on second hand sites such as Icon Princess. Offering a wide range of choices, reducing the carbon footprint, used car sales are not going away.

Capture Iconprincess Marque Vuitton

Finding an authentic used designer bag is easy on IconPrincess!

Of course, these arguments are particularly interesting, but the strength of second-hand resale lies in one major detail... Do you know why this sales system has become so popular in the space of a few years?

That's because the second-hand sale is one of the few ways to find the iconic bags, or limited series, of a luxury brand. If you're looking for a rare model, such as a white Louis Vuitton Trouville Murakami bag, you'll want to consider a second-hand sale. If you're looking for a more classic, iconic bag, you'll find it at a more attractive price and with a patina that many prefer.

Unfortunately, selling second hand comes with some inconveniences... The condition of your Louis Vuitton bag depends largely on the care of the former owner. Another important detail: it is the preferred method of transaction for counterfeiters.

This is why it is recommended to use specialized sites such as IconPrincessWe have a team of experts who guarantee the conformity of the goods and give you an after-sales service worthy of the greatest luxury houses. The bags undergo a first careful and expert examination in order to identify the control points of the major brands. These obligatory passages, such as the name of the model (and yes, the model still has to exist in the catalogs!), examination of the leather and the seams, number of stitches, depth, shape of the seals, mark of the zippers and zipper pulls, conformity of the serial number and many other things, are guarantees of the know-how of the luxury houses. Most of the time, the articles are then examined by an independent specialist, not related to us, who will establish the certificate of conformity. We also attach great importance to the description of the articles, the state of the corners, the color of the patina, the cleanliness or not of the fabric, of the lining, the noticeable smell or not inside, so that you buy your article in all conscience.

From now on, you have all the keys in hand to buy the Louis Vuitton bag of your dreams at a low price. We are always at your disposal if you need information or advice on the size of a model or the choice of a color.