How high to wear a shoulder bag?

Extremely practical handbag, the shoulder strap must be correctly worn to ensure maximum comfort.

Determining at what height to wear your shoulder bag is often like a Chinese puzzle. Never to be stuck to the armpit or to go below the knee, the shoulder bag dresses up the shoulders as well as the chest.

From how to arrange the strap to how to adjust its height, you'll finally know how to carry a shoulder bag with grace. But first, answer one question: why did you fall for this bag?

Why wear a shoulder bag

When you're running to catch the last bus, the last thing you want is to be cluttered by your bag... On the street, between the little one's things and your documents, you need space... As you explore new places, nothing is worse than not being able to move freely...

The shoulder bag elegantly solves all these problems.

Unlike a handbag, it leaves your hands free, allowing you to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Moreover, even luxury models like the Louis Vuitton Salsa GM Monogram are equipped with considerable storage space. Finally, refined bags that hold more than just lipstick and credit cards!

Across the chest or on the shoulder?

Attention... Delicate subject. For some women, wearing a shoulder bag across the chest is a matter of course. By doing so, all their belongings are in full view and only a wrist movement away. Moreover, this arrangement has a big advantage... Pickpockets will have a hard time to take their things.

This woman is carrying a shoulder bag at hip height, across her chest.

However, this choice does not satisfy everyone. For a segment of the population, wearing a shoulder bag on the chest lacks sophistication. A Lancel premier flirt leather denim python blue and green can it really be to its advantage thus sported?

That's why you'll find many advocates of the shoulder bag. For them, it is synonymous with timeless grace. Nevertheless, they themselves admit that a shoulder bag is easier to steal and less accessible.

At what height should you wear your shoulder bag?

Finally, the answer to the question you've been waiting for... To be comfortable while allowing you to easily retrieve your belongings, the shoulder strap should be neither too high nor too low.

Attached to the shoulder, it will become more of a nuisance than anything else. Not to mention the potential damage caused by perspiration on the leather of your Louis Vuitton Kalahari PM monogram... Even if a current trend advocates wearing it very close to the armpit, is it good to sacrifice to all fashions? If you're a fan of this particular wearing style, keep it for your "ordinary" bags.

Conversely, if it's too low, the swinging motion will hinder your every step. Who wants to get their legs caught in the bag with every move?

Ideally, the shoulder strap should stop at mid-thigh if worn on the shoulder or at belly button level if worn on the chest. It's time to finally adjust the straps of your shoulder bags.