How a Luxury Bag Changes Your Outfit

How a luxury bag can change your outfit

If in matters of clothing, When it comes to clothing, we can allow ourselves a lot of fantasy, more or less happy, even a certain relaxed attitude, but nay for the bag!

1. Let's not forget, the outfit is in the bag!

It is imperative to wear a quality bag, of a famous and recognized brand if we are afraid of a faux pas and, the older we get, the more this rule is imposed and verified.

It wants to be luxurious or not, it is itbag of the year or a great authentic classic, it is original or sober, but we can't ignore the bag.

Try this little test:

Put on your favourite old jeans, the one with the rump of a goddess, one of your simple and beloved shirts, put on your sneakers or your classic ballerinas, all embellished with two or three trendy luxury bracelets. A light make-up will suffice. Order your hair with your fingers, Parisian style.

Now, as if you were going out, put on a seasonal scarf or your favorite sweater rolled around your neck, take a handbag; and put yourself on stage. The mirror is your theater, be a spectator of the one you are facing.

Chanel Timeless red leather bag certified authentic

Marie and her Chanel Timeless red leather

Try your student bag, bought at the time on the street corner or at the market, that old bag there that you have always kept because sometimes "it still serves you! ».

Or one of those three-franc-six cent wonders, found on sale in a chain of ready-to-wear stores, what a bargain, which ended up with the number 102 in a box at the back of the garage... (take the opportunity to add up the price of all these magnificent items worn for a season, which sleep wisely in the shadows).

2. Change for a vintage or second hand brand bag.

Then swap this venerable accessory for a big Goyard Saint Louis or a monogrammed Vuitton Speedy; if you don't have one, try it out at your best friend's house, who understands the spirit of Alma or Timeless...

And keep the image you've been taking every time. Well, and no pun intended, there's no picture, is there?

A trendy or iconic bag, will sublimate clothes that are ultimately very versatile and your basic outfit will suddenly take on another dimension.

Else and her Louis Vuitton speedy 35 azure checkerboard.

3. The good deals are on the specialized and serious sites

Then you tell me: All very nice, but not very affordable. Luxury is expensive. Not to mention the second-hand bags.

It's easy to find pre-loved itbags that will make all the difference, as long as you know how to do it. Prefer serious sites like that use independent experts to certify the conformity of their luxury items.

Still not given, in terms of price, will you insist? Just look at the addition made above on items piled up at a loss; add to this that it is probably better that your cupboards are less full of piles of T-shirts and pants at a lower cost, which you will hardly, if ever (that speaks to you?!?) .

That way you'll leave room and budget for a luxury bag that will stand the test of time with happiness and grace. An accessory that will age well and will always be there for you, whatever the mood, the day, the clothes you wear.

To do this, choose the classic and timeless second hand bag of a great brand. Also, expect that you can always resell it if you get tired of it, which will allow you to invest in another beautiful piece. Choose serious sites with the lowest commission.

This won't stop you from keeping that old bag you love so much, but forget it more often and remember :

The outfit is in the bag, without a proper bag, no salvation for the fashionista.