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How to authenticate a Dior bag in 4 points (or spot the fakes)

How long have you been dreaming about that Dior bag? You have the impression that it's been taunting you for centuries from its window... And one day, the opportunity you've been waiting for finally presents itself: a salesman offers you this it-bag at a much more accessible price. Crazy with joy, you are about to validate the purchase until a thought crosses your mind...

How to authenticate a Dior bag? 

The selling price

New, the emblematic Saddle bag from Dior is sold for around €2,600. Second-hand, the least popular models never go below €150.

It is possible that the salesperson is going through a very difficult period and is forced to sell her goods... But this is unlikely. The original luxury bags are bought by connoisseurs, they are aware of the value of their bags and respect the work done in the background. Never, oh never, will they give them up for a pittance.

In addition, Dior, like all haute-couture houses worthy of the name, does not engage in sales or wholesale.

Genuine Lady Dior by Dior in excellent condition

Lady Dior Grand Model Bag by DIOR (Click on the image to access its file)

A very low sales price is often a sign of counterfeiting. Looking for real Dior bags? Avoid offers that look too good to be true.

The serial number

Even if she doesn't display it on the public ad, any honest seller should be able to give you the serial number of her Dior bag.

Thanks to it, you will be able to identify the place and date of creation of the bag in question. Be careful, however, because the days when the test of authenticity card was foolproof are over... Today, seasoned forgers do not hesitate to issue false serial numbers and forged invoices. Caution...

Attention to detail

What sets the luxury brands apart from the crowd is the surgical precision in every detail.

When Maria Grazia Chiuri thought up the Dior Book Tote bag, she designed it to measure 41.5 x 35 x 18 cm and to be coloured a beautiful midnight blue. 41.5 cm long, not one more and not one less. And these are the exact dimensions you'll find on all the original models.

Authentic Dior diorissimo bag. Excellent condition

Diorissimo bag by DIOR (Click on the image to access its file)

If the shape of the bag does not conform to the version presented on the site, run away. If the contours are not perfect, run for your life.

The importance of stitches

Also, take the time to check the regularity of the stitches. If the threads are fraying or the line is uneven, you are probably looking at a stitch mistake.

Closures and materials can also put the place at your ear. Skai, polyester and aluminium zips have and will never have their place in a house as prestigious as Dior.

Identifying a fake Dior bag is anything but easy... Over time, counterfeiters have perfected so much that it is best to call in a professional.

At IconPrincess we know how to authenticate a Dior bag. Take advantage of our guarantees when buying your favorite bag.