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How to clean a leather bag that sticks without damaging it?

Over time, your beautiful leather bag has become sticky... To clean it without damaging it, turn to Mother Nature. Egg whites, clay powder and vinegar are just a few examples of tried and true products.

But before listing all the possible solutions, it is worth asking one question: why does your leather bag stick?

Why does your leather bag stick?

The dust bags that luxury bags come with are not just accessories... Although most leathers are treated, this does not make them immune to external aggressions.

Dust, sun and water are among the most formidable enemies of your handbags. Add to this the hazards of everyday life... One wrong move and your Louis Vuitton Segur in camel shearling leather is soaked in orange juice... In lack of space, you put your bag on the floor of the pub, loading it with dubious particles...

There is no shortage of opportunities to get your bag dirty. In your room or in the streets of Paris, your bag is never safe from an incident. Once, twice, three times... The more times it gets damaged, the more your bag stops being immaculate. After a while, even if it is first class, it ends up sticking.

Fortunately, a leather bag that sticks is far from being an inevitability. Not only is it easy to clean, but the necessary items are not expensive. In fact, you probably already have everything you need...

7 homemade tips to clean a very dirty leather bag

1) Talcum powder

It is not only against diaper rash that baby powder works miracles... When it comes into contact with leather, it de-inks it without wearing out the fabric.

If your bag is not very dirty, sprinkle it with a thin layer of talcum powder. Gently count to 20 and then get a cotton ball or a very soft cloth. Gently rub your leather bag and then dust.

Once the talcum powder is removed, you'll be left with a shiny bag that doesn't stick anymore. Never will your Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 azur checkerboard has never been so beautiful...

Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Damier Azur Ba4121 2
LV Speedy 35 azure checkerboard

2) Cleansing milk

To keep your skin looking youthful, it is recommended to use cleansing milk frequently. Cosmetic specially formulated to remove dirt, sebum and make-up residues from the skin, this product is also very useful to clean a bag that sticks.

In one hand, roll cotton into a small ball. Soak the ball in makeup remover and squeeze out the excess liquid. Clean your leather bag with the cotton ball.

Has it become black? Then it is saturated with dirt. Throw it away and repeat the process with another cotton ball. Do this until the cotton ball comes out intact.

3) The clay stone

It is a natural cleaner of rare effectiveness. Also called white stone or silver stone, it is very useful to shine fabrics, tiles and of course leather bags that have become sticky.

Be careful though... To avoid your cleaning operation turning into carnage, you'll need to be very gentle. Do not cut your Gucci Boston brown leather by sudden gestures.

Gucci Boston bag brown grained leather web strip genuine occasion

If you haven't already done so, grind your clay stone into a powder. Add a little water and turn gently until you get a homogeneous mixture. This is what you will use to clean your leather bag.

Using a cotton ball, take a small amount of clay paste. Use it to clean your leather bag, concentrating on the dirtiest areas. If the cotton turns dark brown, it's time to replace it with a new one.

4) The earth of Sommières

In the 19th century, in the rural village of Sommières, the inhabitants discovered a powder that would quickly change the daily life of millions of housewives... Ochre, beige or green, the Sommières earth is renowned for its degreasing capacities. Like a sponge, it absorbs dirt on all surfaces.

To restore the shine to a leather bag using terre de Sommières, nothing could be easier. Sprinkle it on the bag, wait an hour and dust. Simple and effective.

5) The banana peel

No, you are not dreaming... The skin of the fruits of the Musa is very effective in restoring the shine to faded leather bags. Note that it is the inner side (white) that should be used.

Remove the peel from a banana and rub the inside of it on your leather bag. You'll soon notice that the layer of dirt that used to cover it disappears before your very eyes...

6) Eggs in snow

Another grandma's tip that's good to know. If your leather bag is white, like this besace Chanel CocoThe foam obtained by beating eggs into snow is an excellent way to thoroughly de-ink.

In a bowl, gently beat the egg whites until they are stiff. Soak a soft cloth with this mixture and clean your bag with it. For a perfect result, polish with a wool cloth.

7) White vinegar

Is it necessary to specify that white vinegar is one of the most effective natural detergents? However, sometimes this power can turn into a weakness if it is not well controlled. Admit that it would be a shame to see the beautiful patterns of your Chloe Drew bag disappear because of an excess of zeal...

Authentic Chloe Drew handbag from IconPrincess. Excellent condition

That is why it is not recommended to use pure vinegar on a leather bag. You risk discoloring or weakening it. To clean your leather bag without damaging it, make a mixture of half water and half vinegar.

Remember not to exceed a 3-minute application time. Afterwards, the vinegar should always be removed with a sponge and the leather greased with Vaseline (or a nourishing cream).

Now that you know exactly how to clean a leather bag, don't you think it's time to get one more? That's right, on IconPrincessYou will find a multitude of luxury vintage leather bags that have been authenticated by experts.