How to recognize a real Gucci bag?

How to recognize a real Gucci bag? Founded in Florence in 1921, the luxury house Gucci can count on the fertile imagination of Alessandro Michele to create ever more innovative designs. You only have to look at the success of the GG Marmont bag in 2018 to understand the power of the brand. Unfortunately, this has not escaped the attention of counterfeiters...

More and more copied, Gucci bags are now victims of their success. Are you about to buy one of the GG bags? What if that bag is a counterfeit? Before you confirm your purchase, take the time to check these 5 points.

1) Pay attention to the logo

One of the most popular tricks used by counterfeiters is to play on optical effects. The original Gucci logo is made up of two intertwined "G's". On counterfeit bags, it is not uncommon for one of the letters to be replaced by a "C".

From a distance, it looks almost the same and the impatient customer is unlikely to notice. Moreover, this trick allows counterfeiters to slip through the cracks. If they are ever caught for counterfeiting, they can claim that it is a different brand. Keep your eyes open...

Gucci Jacky O bag floral canvas multicolored, authentic occasion IconPrincess

Inside label of an authentic Gucci bag.

In addition to this detail in the logo, you will always have an interior label with simply "Gucci made in italy" as in the photo below.

2) Ask for a certificate of authenticity

Gucci is one of those brands that issues certificates of authenticity for each of its bags. Regardless of the store where the transaction takes place, the Gucci bag comes with its certificate of authenticity.

Ideally, the seller should be able to provide a photo of the certificate of authenticity. However, this is not always possible. Very often, the certificate is lost before we decide to sell the bag and this does not necessarily mean that we are dealing with a forger.

If they can't show you a certificate of authenticity, ask for the purchase receipt or rely on the other factors described in this article or simply have the bag photo authenticated before you buy it. Of course, on a site like IconPrincess you don't have to bother with all that: our bags are guaranteed authentic.

3) Know how to read a serial number

Inside the handbag, not far from the main seam, is a label with essential information. Not only will you be able to read the origin of the bag, but you will also have in front of you 4 to 6 numbers that will allow you to determine its origin.

Gucci Jacky O bag floral canvas multicolored, authentic occasion IconPrincess

Serial number of an authentic Gucci bag.

Small precision: All real Gucci bags are made in Italy. Gucci never outsources the manufacturing of its leather goods. If the label says anything other than "made in Italy", put the counterfeit bag down and walk out of the store.

4) Pay attention to details

Where the counterfeiters fail is in the finishing touches. It's hard to be picky when the bags are produced on a production line in deplorable conditions...

Stitches that curl, threads that protrude, closures that cheap are all warning signs. Too busy playing with the final rendering, forgers have little time for finishing touches.

For example, look at the quality of the stitching on this Gucci bag: it exudes quality and craftsmanship, don't you think?

Gucci Jacky O bag floral canvas multicolored, authentic occasion IconPrincess

5) Beware of tempting prices

If it's too good to be true, beware... Even on the second-hand market, you won't find a Gucci bag for less than 150 €. The seller tells you it's a clearance sale, a promotion or unsold goods? Don't be gullible: it's a fake and you know it.

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