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How to recognize a real Hermès Birkin bag?

As legendary as its muse, the Birkin bag by Hermès is a classic of luxury leather goods. Since its creation in 1984, this handbag, as elegant as it is practical, has never ceased to conquer the hearts of women...

But here's the thing... This success has fueled the vile intentions of counterfeiters. Today, the Birkin by Hermès is one of the most counterfeited luxury bags. How can you avoid being deceived? How can you be sure that the Birkin bag you are about to buy is authentic? Pay attention to the seven points below.

1) A (too) attractive price

Let's be clear: a new and original Hermès bag cannot be worth €1,000. When you know that a real Hermes Birkin 35 Togo blue is sold at 8 940 €.How to explain such a large price difference?

The reason is quite simple... The 1 000 € bag is a counterfeit.

To create unique pieces that stand the test of time and fashion, haute-couture houses call on skilled craftsmen and use raw materials worthy of kings. All this know-how has a price...

When you buy a bag advertised as "luxury" at €300, €500 or €1,000, how much do you estimate the production cost? If the price is derisory, it is because the bag is anything but an original creation of the House of Hermès.

2) Accessories that lack refinement

Each real Hermes bag comes with an invoice, a dust bag, a paper bag and a box with the brand's logo. Counterfeiters know this and go to great lengths to reproduce all these elements. However, unlike Hermes who produces each piece by hand, they use low-end industrial machines.

Birkin 30cm in black Togo leather (Click on the image to access its file)

That's why if you're careful, you'll always notice differences. An ink with an irregular line, missing details on the logo, a slightly blurred print... Hermès would never tolerate such a lack of precision.

3) Lack of contact

Every time you ask to meet the salesman, he finds an excuse. Today, his car broke down. Yesterday, it was a dentist appointment. A week ago, it was a last-minute meeting with his boss.

If you ask him for zoomed-in photos, he also ducks.

Strangely, he is ready to go to the post office once the payment is made...

To minimize the chances of being caught by law enforcement, forgers go out of their way to avoid physical encounters and will never zoom in on a detail they are unsure of.

Ideally, make sure you always have an intermediary platform that will "sort" the fakes upstream, such as IconPrincess.

4) A silhouette recognizable among thousands

No matter what the occasion, the authentic Hermes Birkin bag does not sag. Its contours look like they were drawn with a ruler and above all, it emanates a certain presence.

The dimensions of the Birkin 25 are perfected down to the smallest detail. A Birkin 25 will always measure 25 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm exactly. Take the time to measure the bag before you buy it. 1 cm more or less is not a good sign...

5) Unique signatures

The signature of a Hermès bag is still the easiest way to know if you are in the presence of a fake. However, since the House of Hermès was founded, it has used more than 40 different typographies to distinguish its bags...

Indeed, the marking can be natural, gold or silver. It can also be done on 1, 2 or 3 lines. Sometimes, it is also adorned with symbols to indicate that it is a special order or a product for the attention of Hermes employees.

Hermes Birkin shoulder in black leather
A golden signature of Hermès Birkin bag, on three lines.

Because of this high number of markings, it is not always easy for a non-expert to find his way. On the other hand, for experts such as those authenticating the luxury second hand bags sold on IconPrincessIt's a breeze.

6) Finishes that leave something to be desired

Just look at the stitching, closure details and strap attachment points to eliminate any doubts.

If you look at a real Hermes Birkin bag, you will see that the straps are attached to the bag with a special stitch. Called saddle stitch, it can only be done by hand and requires time, attention and a lot of expertise. Three things the counterfeit industry cannot afford to invest in...

Hermes Birkin 35 leather Togo blue
Impeccable finishes

7) Persistent doubts

Even if all the indicators are green, you can't get rid of your doubts... In this case, the easiest thing to do is to go to a Hermès store to have the bag analyzed.

Fortunately for the clients ofIconPrincessIf you are a customer, you do not have to authenticate your Hermes bags yourself. This is a laborious task that the luxury experts working with IconPrincess do for them.