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How to check the authenticity of a Michael Kors bag? Guide 2021

For an accomplished fashionista, nothing is worse than realizing that one of her Michael Kors bags is a fake. Fortunately, this is a situation that can be easily avoided by paying attention to the price, serial number, iconic pendant, finishes and most importantly, the place of manufacture.

No, no, you are not dreaming. Identifying a real Michael Kors bag is mainly a matter of five points. Who would have thought that it would be so easy to detect counterfeits? After reading this article from cover to cover, you should never be caught in a counterfeiter's net again.

1) Is the selling price realistic?

A €20 Michael Kors bag is clearly a fake. Of course, you are not opposed to saving some money, but you have to use common sense and even common sense. If the price is too attractive, the bag is a counterfeit.

To make high-end bags, it is essential to invest in quality materials. Whether it is the leather used on its main part or the metals of these accessories, Michael Kors bends over backwards to offer quality to its customers. Obviously, this is reflected in the price.

While it's true that buying vintage or used bags can help keep expenses down, the discount on the Michael Kors brand is usually only around 30-40% for a bag in very good condition, which is already a great deal.

Michael Kors luxury leather clutch bag blue Click on the image to access its file)

2) What about the serial number?

Like many high-profile brands, Michael Kors has seen its sales seriously affected by counterfeits. Fortunately, it takes more than that to discourage the young American brand.

Since 2015, Michael Kors has found an unstoppable way to limit fraudulent purchases. On all bags produced as of this year is a unique identifier consisting of 10 characters. This can easily be seen inside the seams of the Michael Kors bag.

If the bag you want to buy is a model dated 2015 at the most and it does not have a serial number, do not look for noon to two hours: it is a fake. Does it have a unique identifier? Go to the official Michael Kors website to verify its authenticity.

3) What would a Michael Kors bag be without its pendant?

All Michael Kors bags are embellished with a beautiful pendant proudly bearing the brand's logo. Locked in a loop, the letters M and K are the finishing touch of Michael Kors bags. Imagine for a moment if these bags were without this medallion... Strange...

In addition to being a feast for the eyes, Michael Kors medallions are also a great way to distinguish real bags from counterfeits.

Are the letters straight? Do their calligraphies respect the brand's graphic charter? And above all, do their colors match the other accessories of the bag?

Tightly bound by time, counterfeiters are usually content to stick the same medallion on all their bags. At Michael Kors, it's a different story... The logo to apply is chosen according to the accessories of the bag. For the same model, you will find several shades depending on the color of the bag.

Michael Kors luxury leather range beige (Click on the image to access its file)

4) Did you pay attention to the finishing touches?

Closures and other decorative hardware speak volumes about the quality of a bag. To keep costs down, counterfeiters use cheap metals such as aluminum or zinc. The result: jewelry pieces are as light as feathers.

On the other hand, on the original bags, the fasteners, chains and other accessories are cast from premium materials. Why do you think they stand the test of time so well? In addition to being an important consideration, a well-crafted finish gives a refined look and durability.

5) Where was this Michael Kors bag made?

In 1981, the American designer Michael Kors launched his ready-to-wear company. Today, the brand is present in some thirty countries and is headquartered in Manhattan, in the heart of the American West.

However, this does not mean that the products are made in the United States.

A citizen of the world, the designer has chosen China, Turkey, Indonesia and Vietnam as production centers. If a salesperson tells you that a Michael Kors bag from Italy, France or the United States is a good idea, kindly decline.

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