How to sell luxury bag

How to sell a second-hand luxury bag [Guide 2023]

Your luxury bag and you made the 400 moves... As soon as you looked at him, you knew you couldn't live without him. Its silky materials, its bewitching curves and above all its incomparable charm... You loved it and even if it will keep a special place in your heart, it is time to part with it.

Determined to sell a pre-loved luxury bag, you will stop at nothing to find the loving family it deserves. Where can you find this rare pearl? The answer lies in 4 points.

Step 1 - Sell your bag on IconPrincess

IconPrincess is like the AliBaba cave that all fashionistas have been waiting for.

Nestled in a medieval village near Lyon, this luxurious e-commerce site specializes in the resale of leather goods of the most famous luxury brands with guaranteed authenticity. Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Miu Miu, the most prestigious designers meet there.

sell luxury bag on iconprincess

For a commission of 15 % with no hidden fees, IconPrincess allows you to showcase your bag to a large audience who shop with peace of mind that your bag is authentic. Selling my luxury bag is now an operation without constraints..

To sell your branded bag, start with the deposit on IconPrincess. It's a very simple process that only takes a few minutes: a selling title, a clear and precise description, nice pictures, a reasonable price and it's on sale!

Once you have done this, you can look at other options if you wish.

2 - Submit your bag on Facebook / Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are not just for commenting on your little nephew's photos or sharing your outings with girlfriends. In addition to its social aspect, Marck Zuckerberg's company has a marketplace.

Facebook groups dedicated to the trade have been created for the pleasure of today's women. With a few clicks, you can offer your luxury bag for sale. But you'll have to do paid advertising to do so, and that can be expensive.

Chanel Timeless Jumbo double flap Leather - Excellent Condition

To get the right price, remember to bring your bill and your dustbag. Otherwise, even if you are in good faith, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

But beware, social networks are full of scams. Few people dare to buy an item worth hundreds or even thousands of Euros on social networks for fear of counterfeits and the lack of an efficient after-sales service.

3 - List your bag on the bon coin or Vinted

Another alternative to Facebook / Instagram is to sell a luxury bag on a classifieds site. But again, you may run into the same problems.

The problem with this kind of platforms not specialized in the resale of luxury items is that your handbag may be mixed with counterfeits. Be aware that informed buyers are very wary of this type of site.

But you can be reassured by having a certificate from reputable companies, there are a few, to prove the authenticity of your bag or accessory.

IconPrincess, for example, offers you the possibility to make authenticate your item by its experts AND state-of-the-art technology validated by LVMH!

authenticate used luxury bag

Finally, take the prettiest pictures you can of your bag and be patient.

4 - Consider other specialized platforms

If, after browsing through the Facebook groups and getting lost in the meanders of the Good Corner, you are still not satisfied, don't be discouraged.

You can always try your luck with the auctioneers in your area. However, this service is not free of charge and collector's models are widely favoured. If your bag is recent, it is not sure to be accepted.

There are now many sites that specialize in the sale of vintage and second hand bags. They can be an interesting option but they take a significant fee on the sale amount - sometimes more than 40% - and your bag, drowned among many others, can remain long minus in line before finding a buyer, even if it is luxury brands such as Chanel, Céline or Yves Saint-Laurent.

20221130 112040So why complicate your life? Start with sell your used bag on IconPrincessIt's easy to find out and see for yourself. For hundreds of people, this is the easiest answer to the question: "Where can I sell my luxury bag? In 5 minutes, your branded bag will be registered on our site. Moreover, we help you to make the most effective product listing. All you risk is to be satisfied.

How to sell your used luxury bag without an invoice?

When buying a luxury bag, the right reflex is to keep the invoice (and the certificate of authenticity issued by the retailer if available) but this is not always the case. All too often, this detail is forgotten. But that's not why you have to sell off your authentic luxury bag! Several options are available to you.

First, you can sell your bag on the IconPrincess website which guarantees the authenticity of its articles by the analysis of its experts with the help of advanced techniques (Entrupy technology). It doesn't matter if you have the invoice or not because if your bag is real, it is authenticated. A certificate of conformity valid for life is issued to you.

Authentication luxury bags - an IconPrincess service

(Click on the image to access the service)

If you prefer to sell it on an ad site or on social networks, that's another story. In this case, you need to have your bag authenticated by an expert before putting it up for sale, so that you can prove its authenticity to potential buyers.

So you can easily sell your luxury bag without invoice, no worries!

What's new on IconPrincess

very good condition, little worn, gold jewelry a little oxidized, especially on the letter Y on the name tag.


Monogrammed coated canvas in good condition Some stains and cracks on the vegetable leather which has taken on a nice caramel color, parts of the fittings and zipper pulls are tarnished and a little oxidized, Handles are worn but solid, see pictures; Part of the vegetable leather attributes redone by Vuitton. Invoice provided. Corners in perfect condition, Zips work perfectly, Clean interior, soft price for this large bag very practical for everyday or as a vanity case; Good holding of the bag.


Excellent condition A small oxidation at the base of a ring, difficult to see. Zip works perfectly.

1 090,00

Good condition, steel part having kept its beautiful aspect, leather in good condition, tiny scratches.


Very good condition. Corners in good condition. Clean inside.


The bag has been worn, good general condition, Various small white stains scattered around, 4 or 5, not very visible. Small cracks on handles.


Discolored corners but no wear.


Brand new condition.

1 800,00

Very good condition, one thread pulled, Good silk and bright colors. Composition label missing. No Cartier box.


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