trendy bag 2021 luxury

Bag trend 2021 luxury. Which one to choose?

In these troubled, uncertain times, we look at the street, sometimes the countryside, from our window; a clear statement: deserted, not the shadow of a cat...

Before, we used to prepare our weekend, we used to think about the good food we were going to cook when we invited our friends or what we were going to bring them when we were invited to a cocktail party. We imagined the trip with our girlfriends, just before. And we thought with delight about the outfit we were going to wear, what shoes, what trendy bag 2021 luxury ...

Before, before, before... yes, that was before... what if we think about after?

Time to buy your luxury bag

Precisely, the accessories, the bag, let's talk about it. Many of us ask ourselves the question; what's the point of buying new accessories during confinement? However, this Speedy Louis Vuitton has been making me look at it for a while. Or what about this Lady Dior GM? I've been dreaming about it ever since!

Maybe it's time! We haven't been out much, we haven't been hanging out in front of store windows much, so we haven't been spending as much. And let's keep in mind that this won't last forever, but we won't be able to wear this novelty immediately.

Which 2021 luxury bag to choose?

So how do we make our choice in all these fabulous bags that dazzle us? 

Let's combine the two: we don't go out anymore, so we don't spend any more, and all that, in a few months, will only be, vaccine obliges, a bad memory... It is thus necessary to make a judicious choice, which integrates these two parameters, budget a little boosted and accessory which holds in time. In other words, as we are not going to be able to carry the bag of our dreams in the immediate future, it is better to bet on the most classic one, the one that will last over time. In the list of "people's bags", which bag should we turn to if we want to combine fashion and longevity?

If you look at the latest fashion shows of the big fashion houses, the trend is towards small bags. But some big bags are still in the light and have been for decades. And fortunately they often exist in mini version, if one prefers.

The trendy bag 2021 luxury :

1. Hermès bag 2021: the Birkin

In the "Mon Amour Toujours" family, of course the Birkin from Hermes, we don't even have to introduce it anymore and you can throw yourself into its arms (its handles), without the slightest doubt.

Hermès Birkin, iconprincess, icon princess
Birkin by HERMES leather Togo (Out of stock)

Well... and a little more affordable, what else?

2. Balenciaga The City

The City of Balenciaga, for 20 years it has never ceased to please us, obsession of fashionistas that we are, for a look both chic and rock. You will not be mistaken, whatever its color, its leather. And if you absolutely want to sacrifice to the fashion of small bags, buy it in mini version.

City Balenciaga
City of BALENCIAGA (Click on the image for details)

3. Celine Luggage

Among the 10 timeless luxury bags, let's also mention Le Luggage by Céline. Ten years it is king: its alien head continues to enchant us. A thousand variations are at our disposal. Prefer it in two or three colors, in warm tones. Here too, you can buy the small model, but the GM is so practical.

Luggage nano Celine 1
Luggage by CELINE Nano (clic on the image for details)

4. Chanel 2021 bag: the 2.55

At Chanel, we prefer the 2.55, always so sublime. We can put the Timeless in the same category, but the 2.55 is currently very fashionable. Do not hesitate to buy it in light colors or more unexpected, gold, silver, patent. The bright colors will warm up your winter outfits and will look great on your jeans or shorts this summer. And when you have a Chanel bag, it might as well be seen!

Chanel 2.55 Lifestyle 2
2.55 of CHANEL (clic on the image for details)

5. Louis Vuitton bag 2021: the Speedy

At Louis Vuitton, fall for the Speedy, 25 if you want it small, or 30 and 35. The monogram canvas is always so beautiful and trendy!

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 monogramme Neuf 2
Speedy 30 by LOUIS VUITTON (click to see the different models)

6 Louis Vuitton women's bag 2021: the Alma

Still with our dear Louis, the Alma monogram, this great classic, will never fail you. Nowadays, we are focusing on personalization and customization is very popular (see article to come).

Louis Vuitton Alma damier ebene 2
Alma by LOUIS VUITTON (click to see the different models)

But natural vegetal leather is also very popular.

7. Dior 2021 bag: the Lady Dior

At Dior, we will throw ourselves on the cane, ALL the cane, Lady Dior, the classic which is quite small, but also the GM. The Grandville, also, will not disappoint you. Do not hesitate, no fault of taste to choose them and you will have a bag for decades to come.

Genuine Lady Dior by Dior in excellent condition
Lady Dior by DIOR Grand Modèle (clic on the image for details)

8. Other Dior 2021 bag: the Saddle

Still at Dior, the Saddle (we like it or not), which was a flop at its release, is now snapped up in vintage and is the subject of a reissue. All versions exist, fabric, leather, fur.

Dior Saddle
Saddle by DIOR (Out of stock)

9. Yves Saint-Laurent Muse Two

At Yves Saint Laurent, we like the timeless MUSE TWO, much more Itbag than the first one, with its soft and square side at the same time. It goes surprisingly well with the patent, our choice, for which we would expect a more rigid structure. The large one is very practical, it can even be used as a schoolbag. The PM is so cute and fashionable. Think of adding a large multicolored shoulder strap, when you wear it with your jeans, the loops of its handle allow it.

YSL Muse Two
Muse Two by YSL (clic on the image for details)

10. Fendi Baguette

At Fendi, you can bet on the famous Baguette bag, made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City". All versions and sizes exist, you should find yours. Mine is a vintage Mama, in nude pink leather.
Still at Fendi, a special mention for the Peekaboo, "out of competition" and therefore out of classification, in all sizes, from GM to Micro, which will be the subject of an article by itself: special bag, special article!

Fendi baguette triple mama grey leather A
FENDI's wand (clic on the image for details)

Other 2021 luxury trend bag: the Lancel Premier Flirt

This list of the 10 bags that last, can also be enriched with the famous Premier Flirt by LANCEL, for those who love this beautiful French brand. We will find all the combinations of materials, from the most classic, like the beautiful grained leather, to the most original, like the jeans, the lizard. The recent versions have sacrificed to the fashion of the Charm, here ravishing in the shape of L, sometimes enriched with rhinestones.

Lancel Cuir Fuschia 2
First flirtation of LANCEL (click to see the different materials and colors)

And because being stylish is not the same as being broke, on IconPrincessit is possible to find most of the bags only trends 2021 luxury above guaranteed authentic.

For the others, some sites of second-hand leather goods can propose some, sites also serious such as : or

What's new on IconPrincess

very good condition, little worn, gold jewelry a little oxidized, especially on the letter Y on the name tag.


Monogrammed coated canvas in good condition Some stains and cracks on the vegetable leather which has taken on a nice caramel color, parts of the fittings and zipper pulls are tarnished and a little oxidized, Handles are worn but solid, see pictures; Part of the vegetable leather attributes redone by Vuitton. Invoice provided. Corners in perfect condition, Zips work perfectly, Clean interior, soft price for this large bag very practical for everyday or as a vanity case; Good holding of the bag.


Excellent condition A small oxidation at the base of a ring, difficult to see. Zip works perfectly.

1 090,00

Good condition, steel part having kept its beautiful aspect, leather in good condition, tiny scratches.


Very good condition. Corners in good condition. Clean inside.


The bag has been worn, good general condition, Various small white stains scattered around, 4 or 5, not very visible. Small cracks on handles.


Discolored corners but no wear.


Brand new condition.

1 800,00

Very good condition, one thread pulled, Good silk and bright colors. Composition label missing. No Cartier box.


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