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IconPrincess Authentication Service

State-of-the-art means of authentication.

30% to 40% of the luxury products on sale on the internet are counterfeit!

Since the styles and materials of iconic items have very often changed little, the bad actors have had plenty of time to perfect their fakes and produce excellent replicas today.

This is why visual inspection is no longer the only way to distinguish the fake from the real! Advanced technologies have become necessary.

Also, to fight effectively against forgeries, beyond its own expertise, IconPrincess works closely with the best current luxury authentication service in the world..

The technology used is a very high-precision scanner and artificial intelligence linked to a database in which all the articles of the luxury designers are listed as well as their characteristics.

Our partner is a company supported by LVMH.

We are thus able to detect counterfeit items sold with an accuracy of over 99%..


Buy with peace of mind with the IconPrincess Guarantee of Authenticity.

Our authentication process is as follows:

1. We systematically moderate all the pictures of the ads placed by the sellers in order to make a first check before the articles are put on sale on our site.

2. When an item of €500 or more is purchased, IconPrincess offers you a complementary authenticity analysis

3. If the item complies, the Certificate of Authenticity will be issued by email and mail..

4. For items less than $500, you have the option to order this expertise from IconPrincess at your own expense for a fee of $20 regardless of brand.

It is of course obvious that, if the expertise revealed that the item is not compliant, we will refund your full purchase price within 24 hours, as well as your €20 authentication fee if you ordered an expertise for an item under €500.