Votre Paiement est Sécurisé

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Be totally reassured, on IconPrincess the payment methods offered are encrypted.

Both Paypal and Stripe are SSL secured..

Mais SSL c'est quoi ?

The concept is simple, using an encryption algorithm, a communication channel will be created between two or more computers, after an authentication step. It will then be difficult for malicious people to get hold of the various data on the Internet.

Application of SSL on banking transactions

Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) is used for online banking transactions. To get a concrete idea of how it works, we need to take a simple example.

Vous êtes sur notre site et vous souhaitez acheter un de nos ravissants sacs de luxe d'occasion. Pour cela, il vous faudra entrer quelques données assez sensibles, comme le numéro de votre carte bancaire.

If you are in an online shop that does not use SSL, your data can be found in clear text on the Internet. To avoid this kind of disaster scenario, the SSL protocol we use will encrypt your information..

As a result, your credit card number will not circulate on the Web, or at least it will not be readable. In other words, the use of Secure Sockets Layers remains a simple but effective solution against data theft on the Internet.

How to recognize the SSL protocol on a site?

To do so, you need to have certain visual cues. In the majority of cases, you know that you are on a site that uses Secure Sockets Layers by looking at the URL. More precisely, if the URL begins with HTTPS, we are sure that the site is secure.

Moreover, un petit cadenas apparait sur la barre de l'URL if the site you are visiting is secure. In some cases, the color green is present on the navigation bar.

But this varies depending on the browser you are using. For example, on chrome, part of the URL is green while on Internet Explorer the background of the area is entirely green.

A little tip that might interest you, you could click on the small green padlock, it will open a small bubble that will give interesting information about the security of the iconprincess site.

The importance of the SSL protocol

More and more malicious people are trying to steal sensitive data. Indeed, hackers are able to circumvent technical barriers to obtain more or less important information. To deal with this, encryption is one of the best solutions. In other words, encryption is the promise of a safe and reliable Internet.

Encryption will make it very difficult to steal sensitive data. In addition, it is important to know that more and more professionals are working to strengthen the encryption of sites. This will improve the security as well as the convenience of the SSL protocol.

In conclusion, the use of Secure Sockets Layers remains the most effective way to protect you.