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Lady Dior Clutch Bag Leather Lamb Canage Lilac - Occasion Very Good Condition

Very good condition
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Luxury vintage or pre-owned minaudieres are at the best price at IconPrincess. Authenticity guaranteed. Free shipping. Satisfied or refunded.

The origins of minaudieres

In 1934, the young Alfred Van Cleef Arpels witnessed a surprising scene...

As she prepares to leave her home, Florence Gould, wife of railroad magnate Frank Jay Gould, has no choice but to pour her beauty products into a tin can. What a sacrilege that such a distinguished lady should have to resort to such a stratagem to keep her beauty supplies within reach.

Moved by the scene, Alfred Van Cleef Arpels set out to remedy the problem. This was done with the creation of the minaudière, a small rigid bag designed for elegant ladies.

An extremely minimalist evening clutch

Elegant, the minaudiere is very quickly invited on the red carpets and the ballrooms. Designed for the days of celebration, it contains just the necessary material to pamper yourself. In its entrails, only a powder case and a lipstick can be enough.

In its traditional version, the minaudiere contained an inlaid mirror thanks to which these ladies could make themselves beautiful in all circumstances. It was the mirror that gave its name to this little bag. Indeed, it was said that while they were powdering their noses, the elegant women " minaudaient ".

The distinctive signs of a minaudiere

A minaudiere is a ceremonial bag. Its main role is to be seen and to impress the surrounding crowd. This is why it does not have a leather handle. It can be held in the hand and sometimes it can be decorated with a small chain or a cord that is wrapped around the wrist.

Generally rigid, the minaudiere has a preference for rectangular shapes with rounded ends. The ultimate in chic, it is not austere for all that. Depending on the mood of its creator, it can take original, whimsical or artistic forms.