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Programme de RACHAT IconPrincess

We buy back certain models under conditions.

Some items that you have purchased from IconPrincess can be resold to us for 60% of their purchase price within 180 days following their acquisition, with no obligation on your part to repurchase one.


What are the terms and conditions of the Buyback program?

  1. Le programme de Rachat ne concerne que les sacs.
  2. Le modèle doit être affiché comme faisant partie du programme de rachat sur sa page produit.
  3. Il doit avoir été acheté chez IconPrincess il y a moins de 180 days.
  4. Il ne doit pas avoir subi une usure excessive ou avoir été endommagé.

Items must pass an inspection upon return to our workshop to ensure that the condition is in accordance with the original condition at the time of purchase.

We pay you within 24 hours by the payment method you used.

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    How does it work?

    • We confirm the buyback

      After analysis of the received photos (see tutorial)

    • You send us your bag by post

      Shipping costs reimbursed upon payment of the article.

    • You're paid within 24 hours!

      At reception in our workshop.