Ethical and environmental principles to make a difference

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An environmental concern

The future of our planet and what we will leave to our children are major concerns.

To reduce our carbon footprint significantly, we have given up our lucrative careers in large corporations where we travelled the world all year long.

Gone are the many trips by plane or car. No more frantic shopping for items that pile up in our closets and never come out.

Retired in a medieval village in the heart of Beaujolais, we recreated our universe. The nature is wonderful, authentic, far from the noise of the big city.

But our passion for luxury leather goods is intact and we wanted to share it with you.

Thus was born at the end of 2019, a site selling "pre-loved" luxury bags and accessories, based on the now familiar concept of circular economy.

Les carrés Hermès pre-loved

Applying ethical principles to make a significant difference

From our long and often disappointing experience with luxury retail sites, we wanted to create a site that would give you a better service than what exists.

That's why offers you :

    • Nothing but authenticity : too many counterfeits are lying around on even the most famous sites,
    • Friendly advice : that we almost never got on the sites we used to go to.
    • A personal connection : to get quick and accurate answers unlike with a robot
    • Reasonable prices reasonable for the buyer and a favourable percentage for the seller.
    • And even the return of a bag you bought on our site when you've got tired of it or want to recover part of its value - this service today concerns only a minority of items and we hope to be able to generalize it in the near future.
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You are here because we share the same values

1. Values of authenticity, transparency and loyalty

We pay the greatest attention to the conformity of the articles, as soon as they are put on sale on our site. In addition to our expertise, we systematically call upon independent and recognized experts in the trade. If there is a problem we will always find together the best solution for you. This is our commitment "Satisfied or Refunded".

2. Value of security and trust

All your payment data on our site are protected and remain confidential. ou can count on us to help you with shopping and sales sheets.

3. Value of environmental protection

We carefully selected all our vintage and second-hand articles. The items in our hands are carefully cleaned and disinfected with natural products. Our Colissimo's packaging are made of recycled cardboard.

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4. Value of freedom and independence

To give you more freedom to buy what you dream of without breaking the bank, we offer you the best possible store prices with, for sellers, the lowest commissions on the market.

We have also created a BUY-BACK program for items purchased on our site. This program is for the moment limited to certain items but it will be extended. You have the right to want to get back part of your bet or to change it.

5. Values of sincerity and proximity

Easily reachable, we make it a point of honor for you to get to know our faces: most of the models on the site are members of our family.

Hoping that you will like our articles, we remain at your disposal to meet your expectations to the best of our ability.

4 Marie

Don't doubt it, your satisfaction is and will always be our primary motivation.

What's next? Well let's continue the adventure together!

We do not wish to become a mastodon in this business because it would be to lose our independence, but simply to become a site of reference for the quality of its products, its services and for the beautiful relationship of complicity around the sharing of fundamental values that we will have created together.

Let us know your ideas! And in the meantime, take care of yourself.