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3 tips to sell your bag

Selling your bag is not easy. Shopping is easy. Whether you prefer to spend hours on your smartphone in bed with a cup of tea, or be pampered by your favorite salesperson in a store, it's obvious that the shopping for us, elegant, refined women who are completely crazy about handbags. But what about selling?

With summer upon us and our wardrobes abandoned in favor of casual wear, now is the time to consider that some of the time you spend shopping can be used to free up space in your closets.

Indeed, selling is as easy as shopping; after all, who wouldn't want extra purchasing power to spend on their next dream?

Catherine, from IconPrincess, your favorite marketplacegives you his top three tips for maximizing your selling experience - not only will it make the process easier, but you'll probably be able to increase your compensation.

Prepare your bags in advance for the sale

Catherine advises you to clean your bag and take great care if you wish to continue using it. "The perceived quality of your item will strongly influence its resale value".

By following the simple tips below, you will reveal the true condition of your bag and allow IconPrincess to help you accurately determine the price of your item.

When not in use, store your bag in a dustbag and its accessories in the bag itself.

Wipe and dust off the outside of your bag and examine it carefully to point out any small defects it may have. The future buyer should not be unaware of its condition; she should be able to make an informed purchase.

Clean the interior of your bag by vacuuming it with the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner provided.

IconPrincess, like most sites, generally only buys items in good condition..

For more details on how to clean your bag see the section "How to care for your deluxe bag"..

Take great care of the pictures of your bag

At IconPrincess, the quality of the photos is essential. First of all, because it allows us to make a first serious selection of the items before putting them on sale on our site. Secondly, your sales cycle will be faster because the buyer will have all the information and details that will give him confidence, which is fundamental to trigger the act of purchase.

"To get the photos in focus, take them with a white or light background,"says Paul, our son and talented photographer at IconPrincess. "Be sure to take pictures of the front, back, interior, bottom, open and closed enclosures, clasp, handle or handles, logo, interior signature and serial number. Also, feel free to take pictures of wear and tear! Once again, it's all about providing as much information as possible to the buyer so that she knows exactly what she's buying.

For more advice on "How to sell quickly and well" click here..

Sell what buyers are looking for

It is a basic principle in business: Sell what the market wants. Only in this way will you sell quickly and at a good price. Great classics such as Chanel Timeless, or 2.55, Louis Vuitton Neverfull or Speedy are very much in demand.

"If you still can't part with your beloved fetish bag, look in your closet for a trendy item, whether it's in colour, style or size. Buyers still make seasonal purchases while waiting to wear them and you may have a very popular itbag in your closet that you no longer wear!

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