Marie In Chanel Timeless Red Leather

[2020 Selection] Find the red Chanel bag of your dreams

The Boy with its tasty male-female name and the classic 2.55 are among Chanel's finest pieces of leather goods. Since its opening in 1910, the Parisian luxury house has steadily gained in popularity. Want to combine sophistication and elegance? There is a Chanel bag for that. Perhaps it is even a beautiful scarlet red...

Why invest in a Chanel bag?

Because buying a luxury bag is a much more profitable investment in the long term than real estate. Dubitative? This conclusion is the result of a long-term survey conducted by Baghunter in 2018.

Among the top ten most popular bags, the 2.55 is in a good position. Unavoidable, Chanel's small quilted bag has seen its market value rise over the years. In 1955, it was sold for 220 USD each. In 2016, it will be sold for a minimum of 4,900 USD, an inflation rate of 2,227%!

Even the brand's lesser-known models don't have to be ashamed of their figures... Every year, their selling prices rise by an average of 12 to 14%. An increase well beyond the 10% growth in the real estate sector.

There is no doubt that buying a Chanel bag is a well thought-out, long-term decision. Buy a red Chanel bag as soon as possible and kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you add refinement to your outfits, but your it-bag can also be a great sock of wool.

Why choose a red bag?

Colours are far from being insignificant... Without letting even a word slip out, they say a lot about you.

Captivating and paradoxical, red is the favourite ink of enthusiasts. Vibrant, whole, this colour is not one to apologise for having ambition. In the world of fashion and the seventh art, red has always been associated with sensuality. Try to imagine Salma Hayek without a piece of red...

Wearing a chanel red bag, is much more than following the trend... It's about asserting yourself as a beautiful, strong and above all independent woman.

These Chanel bags that turn heads...

The least we can say is that the artistic directors of the Chanel house have never been short of ideas.

Following the retro trend, the brand has launched an evening cover in a beautiful vibrant red. Elegant, this accessory is adorned with a magnificent tulle flower for even more sophistication.

1 - The timeless in red leather

Chanel Timeless red leather

Chanel Timeless Red Leather Bag (Out of stock)

But if there is a red Chanel bag you can't miss, it's the Timeless. Sober and refined, it's perfect for summer walks or fancy dinners.

2 - The aged timeless chanel

Chanel Timeless Aged Leather Cherry Red Home

Chanel Timeless Bag in Aged Leather (Out of stock)

In love with antique looking objects? You will fall for this Chanel bag in cherry red aged leather. There's always at least one good reason to fall for Chanel... you have to find out what it is...

3 - The Chanel Icons Secret Label red leather

Chanel Timeless Icons Secret Label Cuir Rouge

Chanel Timeless Icons Secret Label Cuir Rouge (Click here for the product sheet)

This small Chanel handbag with shoulder strap is ideal for your short outings, where you don't want to be loaded.

And if you don't?

Find all our Chanel bags on this page. See you soon!