Which bag to choose with a yellow dress?

Which bag for which dress? Even if your yellow dress makes you look sunny, you're having a hard time finding a bag to go with it. But there's no shortage of options. Create a cameo of yellow, go simple with khaki or go bold with fuchsia.

A yellow bag for a harmonious outfit from every angle

Yellow is a color that spontaneously attracts the eye. On a rainy day, a yellow dress evokes the rays of the sun. In the middle of summer, it exults the joy of living. Why try to break such melodious chords?

For aficionados of luxury leather goods, this Louis Vuitton Mabillon bag in yellow epi leather is a wardrobe basic. Its clean lines highlight its bright color, which will go wonderfully a little yellow dress.

A khaki bag to calm the game

Once you put on your yellow dress, you become the center of attention. In a world where the population is dressed in gray and black, it is difficult to blend in with such a radiant color...

To bring some sobriety to the eccentricity of your dress, wear it with a khaki colored bag. Evoking the quiet strength of the surrounding nature, it will easily find its place alongside all variations of yellow.

A fuchsia bag to be original to the end

Bright yellow and fuchsia are a perfect match. As sparkling as each other, these two colors give any outfit a modern twist. Just imagine the effect of this Lancel BB Brigitte Bardot tweed fuchsia pink bag on a chick yellow dress... What a powerful and intoxicating mix!