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Five outfit ideas to show off your Chanel bag

Five outfit ideas to show off your Chanel bag. Ever since you got the Chanel bag of your dreams, you've been looking for an opportunity to show it off. Who wouldn't? This bag is so gorgeous that it would be a crime of lèse-majesté not to take it out... Only thing is, sometimes you find it impossible to wear clothes that pay tribute to it. And you're also in the mood for "Mademoiselle" style elegance. Smile! This is the end of your ordeal. In the following lines, here are five examples of outfits that sublimate your beautiful Chanel bag. And there are 1000 more...

In black and white...

1) Play the sobriety card

More than a leather goods accessory, a Chanel bag is a true designer piece that only needs a blank canvas to shine. As Coco Chanel once said, "simplicity is the key to true elegance".

A cocktail party with your girlfriends is planned? Make your legs sunny with a white denim miniskirt. For the top, opt for a white blouse with a little blurred contours. Put on a nice pair of pumps, hand over your Chanel bag and go out. A refined look, simple and that will make emulate.

2) Tribute to the beautiful Parisian woman

There is nothing better than a Chanel garment to match a Chanel bag! As pure white as an angel's feathers, this spring dress with a black satin bow is a vibrant tribute to the Parisian designer.

Like Gabrielle, "Coco" Chanel, you will walk the streets of the French capital with a free spirit and your head in the wind. And because an outfit would not be complete without a handbag, your Chanel bag will allow you to keep your belongings without losing an ounce of style.

3) Hoist the sails, sailor!

Immense, mysterious, the ocean has fed the wildest dreams... For centuries, the bravest men embarked on ships in the hope of piercing its mysteries. On the agenda: adventure, exoticism and surpassing oneself.

What better state of mind than that of the sailors to match perfectly with your Chanel bag? Pay homage to these adventurers of another time by taking up some of the codes of the navy with navy pants, a white skirt and a top with a washerwoman collar.

4) The total white look

The ultimate synonym of elegance, the total white look is a sure bet that will never let you down. Like the fire that has animated the Chanel brand for 110 years, this outfit is a symbol of refinement and sobriety.

Loose pants, a lace-up top, a Chanel bag, some jewelry and you are ready to turn heads.

... and also in soft colors: Let's mix the pastels with...

5) A bit of lace to brighten up the look

The lace is a noble material that manages to mix delicacy and presence. If you decide to play the feminine card, a blue lace skirt will be a weapon of choice. Alongside a pink Chanel bag and a pair of nude pumps, this fragile piece of fabric reveals an unsuspected power...

You can see that the iconic Chanel bag, the centerpiece of your wardrobe, can be used in a multitude of ways, sometimes unexpected. So, three rules to wear your Chanel bag: dare, dare and dare again.

Dare to wear it with the outfits mentioned above, but also dare to wear it with jean shorts and spartan shoes, with colored tops and white jeans, with snikers and stilettos... in a chic or casual outfit, on the little black dress, as well as on customized ripped denims!