illustration of the estimation of a chanel bag

How to estimate a chanel bag?

For a long time, you have been looking to get your hands on one of Chanel's emblematic bags. Recently, one of your contacts made you a proposition that he says is advantageous, but is it really the case?

In love with luxury bags, your closet literally overflows on all sides. To tell the truth, some of your bags haven't been worn for years... That's why, one fine morning, you made an extremely sensible decision: to sell some of your luxury bags.

Do you know what these two situations have in common? In either case, estimating the value of the bag is essential for a fair transaction. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying too much or selling at a ridiculously low price. Fortunately, even without being an expert, you can determine the selling price of your Chanel bag.

What is the model of your Chanel bag?

In the world of luxury leather goods, two criteria weigh heavily in the balance: the brand and the model. For the brand, by investing in a Chanel bag, you have made the right choice. This great French luxury house has been dressing elegant ladies for 66 years now.

For the model, it's another pair of sleeves... Emblematic models such as the Timeless or the Chanel 2.55 Jumbo blue gray patent leather remain sure values that stand the test of time and trends.

Another factor to take into account is the rarity of the article. The less easy it is to find a product, the more its value increases. This is why limited collections and vintage pieces sell at higher prices.

What materials was it made of?

Even in luxury leather goods, cloth or synthetic leather bags are not well regarded. Consequently, their prices are always lower than their natural leather counterparts. If, in addition, the leather is exotic (buffalo, goose, etc.), the value of the Chanel bag is considerably increased.

Note that since 2018, Chanel no longer uses exotic leather (crocodile, lizard, snake) in the manufacture of its bags because of the lack of ethics of these industries. This is why only old models of the brand can be made with these materials.

Is the bag in good condition?

Has your Chanel bag suffered from your hectic lifestyle or is it as beautiful as when it arrived at your home? Depending on the condition of the bag, its selling price will be higher or lower.

A new or nearly new Chanel bag can be priced at 50-70% of the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) in the store, while a bag that shows signs of wear and tear will have to settle for 30-40% of its RRP.

Does the bag have proof of authenticity?

Original box, receipt, certificate... When selling or buying a Chanel bag, these elements are essential. Not only do they allow you to prove the origin of the bag, but they also allow the seller to be better remunerated.

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