Louis Vuitton never has a sale!

Let's be clear: there is no such thing as a Louis Vuitton bag on sale.

Louis Vuitton never has a sale! For sure, you've already come across sites claiming to offer the latest Louis Vuitton bags during incredible sales... -30 %, -40%, -50 %... At certain times of the year, retail stores are allowed to sell their goods well below the set prices and take advantage of it.

Used to winter and summer sales, you have never been suspicious of Louis Vuitton sales... Wrong!

Does Louis Vuitton have sales or promotions?

The answer is a straightforward and unquestionable no. On its official website, Louis Vuitton says it straightforwardly: it does not run any promotions or sales.

Faced with the extent of the scams on Louis Vuitton bags known as sale, the luxury house has even dedicated a page of its website to this phenomenon. Its position is crystal clear: discounts and rebates are not and never will be part of its commercial strategy. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense for a major luxury brand with so much prestige.

In addition, only the official Louis Vuitton boutiques and the website www.louisvuitton.com are authorized to sell authentic Louis Vuitton bags.

However, if you don't have €2,000 to invest in a Louis Vuitton bag, don't give up. There are strategies to get authentic Louis Vuitton bags without breaking the bank.

Where to find cheaper Louis Vuitton bags?

If you want a real LV bag but can't afford to buy one in a store, consider reselling it second hand.

In the first case, it is a matter of buying back the original Louis Vuitton bag from its owner who has decided to part with it. Having taken it from the store herself, she must have in her possession all the documents that prove that it is an authentic item.

The advantage of this method is that it allows you to save a lot of money and to acquire the latest it-bags with a disconcerting ease. Unfortunately, the second hand resale is an eldorado for counterfeiters. That's why it's better to go through specialized websites like IconPrincess in order to benefit from expert authentication and an ironclad after-sales guarantee.

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Be particularly careful when looking for a second-hand deal on a generalist site. Counterfeits are plentiful and counterfeiters are getting stronger and more ingenious. Fake accessories, such as counterfeit dustbags or boxes are there to confuse and reassure you, including fake invoices. You can very well buy a fake from someone who believes, in good faith, to be selling you a genuine item. The latest invention of some marketplaces is to display "verified ad", whereas their expertise, which is non-existent, does not allow them to make such allegations... On the other hand, to give the illusion of a real fight against counterfeiting, these same sites randomly delete ads for authentic items. So, to be avoided formally, under penalty of bad surprises!

Another option: private sales. From time to time and for certain brands, we sell some of the unsold stock by sending invitations to a selected clientele. But at Louis Vuitton, you won't find any bags. This is your chance to buy swimwear or other clothes, don't miss it! But don't dream, you won't find your coveted it-bag there.

At best, you may know someone who works in the big House, who will give you privileged access in a preferential and chosen way; but this is quite rare.