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What is the right price for a Hermes Birkin bag?

In the world of luxury leather goods, few it-bags are as popular as the Birkin from Hermès.

The Birkin bag is a creation born by chance.

The Birkin bag is the result of a meeting on a Paris-London flight in 1981 between Jane Birkin and Jean Louis Dumas, President of the House of Hermès..

Jane Birkin confided to him her problem as a young mother: she couldn't find a handbag that was both practical and elegant, to store all her belongings and those of her daughter Charlotte.

Amused, the president challenged her to design the ideal bag that he would later create for her.

She starts drawing on the plane and after several meetings between the two collaborators, the bag is born and will bear the name of her muse. Without knowing it, the singer and actress has just created an iconic bag, which has been a huge success ever since.

Genuine Kelly 35 in black crocodile leather
Kelly 35cm black crocodile leather (Click on the image to access its file)

Sober, refined and adapted to everyday life, it is the most sought-after luxury product by aesthetes. Of course, it's not uncommon to see price differences that make you dizzy... But what is the right price for a Hermès Birkin bag?

A bag that makes you want it...

Don't imagine being able to walk into a Hermès boutique and walk out with a Birkin under your arm. Produced exclusively to order, it takes between 1 and 2 years to get a new Birkin bag from Hermès.

Created in the most luxurious materials (leather, lambskin, crocodile, ...), bound with linen thread, the Birkin bag by Hermes is a jewel that knows how to raise the temperature.

As a direct consequence of its low availability, the prices found on the second-hand market are not so different from those in stores and are sometimes even higher!

A new 30 cm Birkin Togo costs €8,400. But to get a genuine Hermès Birkin 30 cm grey Togo leather bag second hand right away and in impeccable condition, you will have to pay up to 30% more than the new price (about 11 000 €).

Hermes Birkin 30cm in black Togo leather. Excellent condition
Birkin 30cm in black Togo leather (Soon some copies)

Buying a Birkin bag from Hermès is almost speculation. Whether on the second-hand market or by contacting Hermes directly, you will have to be patient. Don't buy a Birkin bag from Hermes who wants to but can and you will have to be patient if you don't want to pay more for one immediately.

Other factors to consider

Although its rarity is the element weighing the most in the balance, it is not the only one. Alongside classic factors such as state of preservation or dimensions, there is another one that is often neglected: color.

Have you noticed that most Hermes Birkin bags on the market are in classic colors? Mouse gray, black, light brown... These shades lend themselves perfectly to the timeless chic style of the Birkin.

If you're looking for bolder colors and/or materials, the price can easily be multiplied by 5 or even 7.

Buy a pre-owned Birkin Hermès bag

Because of all these factors, it is very difficult to determine the exact price of a Hermes Birkin bag. However, it is possible to put it between 7 000 and more than 60 000 € depending on the characteristics of the bag.

The real difficulty will be to find a Birkin d'Hermès bag offered for sale. Fortunately for luxury lovers, there are platforms like IconPrincessAt IconPrincess, you'll find bags from authentic, carefully preserved designers who are actively searching for a new owner.

Perhaps you will soon join the very closed circle of Birkin owners... You now have all the cards in your hand. It's up to you!