Which bag to wear for which occasion? Which bag to adopt when it happens?

Today we offer you some inspiration on the subject...

Like a cat, a woman has many lives. And several bags. Surrounded by her sisters, she lets her mutinous side speak. In the middle of her children, she reveals a warm yet strict side. With her partner, she shows herself to be fragile, delicate and seductive. At work, all these faces disappear in favor of productivity.

How could she think for a second that a single bag could accompany her on all these adventures? For each of her lives, she needs a bag that meets her needs. Today, we will reflect on the eternal question: which bag for which occasion?

The minaudiere to shine on the red carpet

Minaudière lady dior, a perfect bag for social occasions.

The women are all princesses, iconic that is. They wear their tiaras proudly and move through life with the grace of a sovereign. Some days more than others, they have the opportunity to shine.

For gala evenings, every woman must have at least one minaudiere. The ultimate in elegance, this little bag is more aesthetic than practical. The minaudiere is therefore a bag adapted to festive occasions such as dress-up parties where you won't have many belongings to carry.

As large as a wallet, the Lady Dior leather clutch bag will accommodate at most a telephone, an ID and keys. For the rest, the knights servants of these ladies will be happy to hold their effects...

The satchel for the outings with friends

Larger than a satchel, the satchel is a format that is perfectly suited to outings with friends. On a beautiful summer day, it will accompany you during your strolls along the Champs-Élysées or on the terraces of coffee.

A subtle combination of beauty and comfort, the satchel bag can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder. If it pleases so much, it is because it allows women to remain elegant while keeping their hands free. Isn't that absolute happiness?

Note that the satchel can easily hold a phone, a wallet, keys and a little more. However, it will not carry groceries or diapers for young children. To accomplish this task, designers have invented a bag now known to all...

The tote bag to have volume on hand

For several decades, the tote bag is a bag that makes the happiness of these ladies. A rectangular bag, two short handles and you are in the presence of an extremely practical bag.

The tote bag is a practical bag that is suitable for everyday occasions The tote bag is a great way to carry your belongings: to go shopping, to keep your children's things close at hand or to go hang out on the beach. Everyday, the tote bag is a great bag to have with you.

The handbag to adapt to the rhythm of city life

Celine Luggage Nano bag in dune color. Second hand in very good condition. Iconprincess
Céline Luggage Nano Soft leather (Click here to access the file)

In a handbag, a woman has her work files, her makeup bag, her key ring, her money, her credit cards, ... Hard to believe that such a small accessory can have such a volume.

Timeless, some models like the Celine Luggage Nano in soft grained leather seduce women of all generations. Whether they are working girlsWhether you are a student or a working mother, this bag has more than one trick up its sleeve.