Which Luxury Bag To Choose

Which luxury bag to choose for a first purchase?

Which luxury bag to choose for a first purchase? After seeing designer bags on the arms of your icons, you've finally fallen for them... It's time for you to buy your first luxury bag. Unfortunately, when you are not used to making this type of purchase, it is not always easy to know how to go about it...

Ideally, your first luxury bag must be adaptable to all occasions while being perfectly recognizable. Indeed, what is the point of investing several hundred euros in a bag that no one will notice?

Because it's never too early or too late to buy your first luxury bag, this article has been specially designed to guide you along this exciting journey.

Tip #1: Consider your style first

If you had to define your clothing style in three words at most, what would they be? Are you a socialite with timeless charm or a rebel who isn't afraid to break the established codes? Only the answer to this question will allow you to find a luxury handbag that really suits you.

For example, a bag Hermès Birkin leather Togo grey will be an excellent choice for a woman who wants to enhance her figure in a discreet way. Measuring 30 x 20 cm, it is large enough to hold all your accessories and versatile enough to be worn to the office, with friends or on special occasions.

Which luxury bag to choose for a first purchase? A Hermès !

On the other hand, a lady who swears by comfort and is not against a few touches of madness will be seduced by more dynamic brands such as YSL. With its shoulder chain and its cherries to crunch, the bag Yves Saint Laurent Sunset Kate monogram appeals to the carefree spirit that lies dormant in every woman.

Of course, these are just two examples. In the end, your first branded bag is a very personal choiceIt should enhance your style above all else. Don't necessarily take the same bag as everyone else, but be sure of your choice: you will probably keep this bag for a long time.

Second tip: stay within a realistic budget

Of course, we couldn't cut this dreaded advice... It's time to talk finances. Let's be clear from the start: buying a luxury bag is an investment. Don't expect to find an authentic Chanel for the same price as a fast-fashion.

Remember that in luxury, as often in life, you get what you pay for.

In search of too many bargains, you might be tempted by "factory bargains" or "promotions". Either way, you'll end up with a cheap copy of an authentic luxury bag. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, why not opt for used luxury bags? It's often a great way to get authentic bags for less.

In good condition, authenticated by experts and with purchase protection, they allow you to acquire original luxury bags at much lower prices than in stores. By doing so, you can find real bargains like this original bag Dior canvas reporter monogram  at only 330 €, or this great classic, the Vuitton Speedy 35 Damier Azur bag, at 550 € on Iconprincess.com.

In any case, whether you want to go through the second-hand market or buy directly new, you have to keep your head on your shoulders. Don't go into debt to buy a bag. Stay within your means and enjoy what you can, the bigger purchases will come later!

Tip #3: Think long-term

Choosing your first luxury bag is not as important as choosing your house, but it is a choice to think about in the long term.

When ordering your first luxury handbag, ask yourself: "will I still be able to carry this bag in a few years?". While most brands are known for their timeless pieces, be careful when choosing your luxury bag.

Instead of flashy or too typical models, choose accessories with classic charm that will improve with time.

And you, which luxury bag will you fall for?

We hope you enjoyed this article. At IconPrincess, we believe that second hand is a great way to expand your branded wardrobe, as long as the products are truly authentic. Take a look at our store to get an idea! Follow us on @iconprincess_official