Frequently Asked Questions

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You must first create an account  if you do not already have one.

You can only post an article on the site if it is immediately available and you have full ownership of it .

You agree to only create one ad per item put up for sale.

The description of the item must include precise characteristics , including:

  • its faults and its qualities,
  • its condition (Like new, Very good, Good, Correct),
  • and its dimensions (length x width x height)

It is recommended to put the Certificate of Conformity of the item in the ad if you have one.

Excessive pricing will not be accepted by IconPrincess. This also applies to prices that are excessively lower than the market price in order to discourage the marketing of counterfeits.

The Seller may indicate the new price or boutique price. This price is provided for information purposes only and is not verified by IconPrincess.

The product sheet with description, photos and price proposal is submitted to IconPrincess for a first review as soon as possible. IconPrincess may require any additional proof of compliance.

IconPrincess reserves the right to modify the ad, particularly if it contains category, brand, description or other errors, or even to delete it if it includes the seller’s contact details.

The article will only be published on the Site if it has been deemed compliant . If there is any doubt about the conformity of an item, IconPrincess will refuse its sale on the site

A minimum of 10 (ten) photographs are requested so that IconPrincess can evaluate the item as quickly as possible:

  • front,
  • back,
  • from below
  • from the 2 corners,
  • raised handle covers,
  • lowered handles,
  • from inside the bag in a bird’s eye view,
  • the brand logo,
  • and serial number,

as well as any other photos that you deem useful and showing the condition of the item.

Photos must be of good quality, not blurred and not retouched.

We recommend that you use an ideally white or light background on which to place your item. Your photos will only be of better quality.

Depending on the brand and model it can take from 48 hours to several days to carry out all the necessary checks and verification before your item is published.

The commission that IconPrincess takes on a sale is 18% . There are no hidden costs such as transfer or authentication fees.

So don’t hesitate!

Shipping costs for France are the responsibility of the seller .

For shipments in Europe IconPrincess will reimburse you a flat rate of €10 .

For shipments to the rest of the world IconPrincess will reimburse you a flat rate of €20 .

Once the item is sold, IconPrincess will pay the Seller after the buyer’s withdrawal period has expired:

it is 48 hours if you are a private seller , to which you may have to add the time necessary for authentication,

or 14 days if you are a professional seller .

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