Our pre-owned luxury bags and accessories are guaranteed authentic.

At IconPrincess, we understand the importance of trust.

Buying second-hand luxury goods is no easy task. In fact, studies estimate that in the luxury handbag resale sector, there are between 30 and 40 % of counterfeit items.

That's why it's essential that we not only have experts in the art of authentication, but also that we use state-of-the-art technologies.

State-of-the-art authentication.

As styles and materials have changed little, bad actors have had plenty of time to perfect their counterfeits and produce excellent replicas today.

That's why

visual inspection is no longer enough to distinguish fake from real!
Cutting-edge technologies have become indispensable.

So, to effectively combat counterfeiting, we go beyond our own expertise,  IconPrincess  works closely with the world's leading luxury authentication service  .

The technology used is  a high-precision scanner and artificial intelligence linked to a database  in which all luxury designer items are listed with their characteristics.

Our partner is a company supported by LVMH.

We are thus able to detect counterfeit items sold with  precision close to 100 % .

The IconPrincess guarantee of authenticity

Our authentication process is as follows:

1. We carry out a systematic moderation of all photos of items submitted by sellers in order to carry out an initial check before the items are put up for sale on our site.

2. When a bag worth €500 or more is purchased, IconPrincess offers an additional authenticity analysis.

3. If the item complies, the  Certificate of Authenticity will be delivered by email and post  .

4. For bags costing less than €500, you can order this expertise at your own expense from IconPrincess for €20 for most major brands.

Shop  or  sell  in all serenity!
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