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We authenticate pre-owned luxury bags from the following brands:

* If your bag is sold on our website, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the appraisal.

Our authentication process for luxury bags


The IconPrincess authentication process for luxury bags is a blend of human expertise and cutting-edge technology, aimed at guaranteeing the authenticity of pre-owned luxury items.

In a market where 30 to 40 % of items can be counterfeit, trust is paramount. IconPrincess meets this challenge by combining the discerning eye of its experts with advanced artificial intelligence and a high-precision scanner.


Step 1: Visual Expertise

It all starts with systematic moderation of the photos submitted by sellers. Even before items are put up for sale on the site, they undergo an initial visual check. This eliminates obvious fakes and preserves the quality of the online catalog.


Step 2: Technological analysis

While visual inspection is crucial, it is no longer sufficient on its own. Counterfeiters have had time to perfect their imitations. That's where IconPrincess' cutting-edge technology comes in. A high-precision scanner, coupled with a microscope, enables items to be examined with microscopic precision. The enlarged images are then analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms, which compare them with data stored in an exhaustive database of luxury designers.


A guarantee of authenticity

The result is an ability to detect counterfeits with an accuracy close to 100 %. IconPrincess offers a guarantee of authenticity based on a rigorous methodology and advanced technological tools. This guarantee is reinforced by our collaboration with a world-renowned luxury authentication service backed by LVMH.

IconPrincess' approach doesn't stop at authenticating pre-owned luxury bags. The company is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience by offering transparency and peace of mind.

Each authenticated bag comes with a certificate of authenticity..

What's more, IconPrincess provides a warranty and after-sales service that reflects commitment and confidence in the accuracy of their authentication process.

This rigorous authentication of pre-owned luxury bags is essential not only to combat counterfeiting, but also to protect the reputation of manufacturers and support sustainability in the fashion industry. By ensuring that only authentic items circulate on the market, IconPrincess contributes to maintaining the value and prestige associated with luxury brands.


The Importance of Emotion

Emotion also plays a key role in this process. Buying a pre-owned luxury bag is not just a transaction, it's an emotionally-charged experience. Customers seek peace of mind, knowing that their acquisition is authentic and has a story behind it. IconPrincess doesn't just sell items; it sells assurance, trust and emotional satisfaction.

In short, IconPrincess has created the perfect balance between human expertise and technological innovation to deliver a secure and reliable online shopping experience. Their authentication process for pre-owned luxury bags is a model for the industry.

Consumers can invest in pre-owned luxury pieces with renewed confidence, knowing that behind every product stands reliable technology and professionals dedicated to the authenticity of every item.... It's a promise that goes beyond simply verifying authenticity; it's a commitment to excellence and the delivery of intense emotion.

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